I met my friend’s friend last weekend. She’s in her late 20s, slim and slender, quite fair and has a witty and interesting character. She was visiting England, was then leaving to Thailand for 3 weeks, and leads a rather fascinating life.

Great, right?

Except this woman has, for some crazy reason, tattooed her eyebrows. I would totally understand this if it was rendered necessary as a result of a medical condition. However this was not the case here. For she still has her natural eyebrows, her FAIR eyebrows.

It gets crazier/sadder when looking at her, the first thing you realize are not her beautiful grey eyes or lovely smile, but the fact that her left eyebrow is considerably fuller than her right one! She has a pair of inverted V’s above her eyes, her left one bigger than the right, tattooed in dark brown, with her fair eyebrows still in place and quite visible!

Apparantly this blotched job was done by an amateur tattoist, and this poor woman is now left with this disaster on her face, and is looking into getting it removed!

Silly, silly and silly!


4 thoughts on “Eeks!

  1. Oh no that sounds terrible!! Sometimes people get these ideas in their heads that sound really good… er… NO!!

    Well, any tattooing is just silly in my opinion… but that’s another story 🙂

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