A colourful weekend indeed!

We’ve just come back from a weekend in Malta, a humid and windy weekend and the bumpiest ferry crossing over I have had in a couple of years! I’m pleased to say that our penthouse is now fully furnished and functionable (apart from the kitchen table hic), and I organised my first-ever tea party for mum and my aunts, and it went just perfect! During Sunday lunch A’s family and my own decided to go to Bologna for the new year’s weekend, so that will definitely be something to look forward to. We had friends over on Sunday night, ordered a pizza and played poker while viewing the spectacular lightning show going on outside.

The highlight of my weekend had to be my drastic hair colour change. See, I’ve always had blondish hair – my natural colour is a darkish blonde colour, and I’ve been having paler highlights put in every now and then. I liked the overall effect, but you see, every November I get The Itch. I seriously start wanting to change my hair. For the past couple of years I have restricted myself to cutting my fringe or cutting off an extra inch from my length. Last November I could do nothing to it since the wedding was only months away. But this year nothing was going to hold me back. And so for the third time in my lifetime, I said goodbye to my blonde locks and went dark – the colour said Dark Blonde, but it came a bit darker, and I’m so pleased with the result! The thing with blonde hair is that after several highlights applied to it, it ends up being one solid yellowish colour, and loses its’ shine, and to top it all off, I had last cut it the day after my wedding, so it needed a total revamp, and wow do I have it now! I told no one except A, so it was a big surprise to everyone, and it was funny waving to friends, have them look at me for a couple of seconds till they recognized me, and came rushing over!

I’m loving the colour because my hair looks healthier and more winter-y! My face has seemed to change, the make up will have to change as well and I will now invest in darker-coloured clothes because pale colours do not seem to be doing it for me! I still have not gotten used to it – the first night after doing it, I went in the bathroom in the middle of the night, and for a split-second I wanted to scream out at my reflection!

I will put up some brunette pictures soon xxx

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend and a great week to follow 🙂


2 thoughts on “A colourful weekend indeed!

  1. I just changed my hair color last night too- got the itch as well haha! I went a dark brown/black color- usually my fav in the summer months when I’m really tanned but I decided to do it now even though I’m losing my lovely summer tan from days spent at the beach here in Malta. *sigh* I’m loving the change. Its funny how something as simple as hair color can drastically change your appearance and how you feel about yourself. Nothing like a new hair cut or color to brighten up your day- literally!

  2. I totally agree! Last week was the dumps, with my hair without any form whatsoever and a straw-like mop for hair! Now I can’t get enough of the mirror 🙂 Change, every once in a while, is great for the mind!

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