Shot of Red Bull please?

I have a bout of lethargy at the moment which is being doubled today with the rain outside. I still have our luggages open and unpacked because I can’t find the energy to put them back into place, and go through the tiresome exercise of ironing, folding them and putting everything in its’ place. Making the bed is a feat in itself. I’m feeling sluggish and indifferent to things which I know would otherwise bother me to hell, but still can’t help myself into doing anything about it.

So I’m watching Frasier and watching the brothers talk in French in front of Eddie The Dog, just so that he does not understand them.

On an exciting note, my dearest friend and witness at my wedding is coming over to visit tomorrow, along with her husband, for a week! The weather is not ideal, but that won’t dampen our spirits. I’m just hoping I’ll be feeling slightly better.



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