This and that

Part I

My friends just left us after being here for the past week. The place is emptier, dirtier and in definite need of a good scrub-over, but it was fun having them here. Fun, but very tiring! Now I need to find the energy to get my behind off the sofa and start cleaning. That is going to be the hardest part of the day for sure.

It’s slightly humorous seeing how the English Bug seems to infect everyone who visits here. Everyone of our visitors starts off with the best intentions – not too much shopping and not too much eating. By the end of day one they all stop fooling themselves and just jump into indulging themselves, and good for them! It’s like putting a child (or myself) in a sweets’ shop and telling them they can only look, but not touch. Your pious intentions may be there, but at the end of the day, come on. Who are you fooling? Jump on in and enjoy!

Part II

In the meantime I love some pieces off the new Lanvin for H&M collection – my most favourite being the yellow one-shouldered dress! That would be a great outfit for new year’s eve, with black opaque tights and a pair of sky-high black shoes. Not for me this year, since we’ll be spending the end of the year in Bologna with our families, and I intend to go flat and casual all the way. But I still can’t get enough of this dress.

And this is simply adorable!!

Part III

So Prince William has finally announced his engagement to Miss Kate. I say finally, because the poor couple has been bombarded by questions from the press, television programmes speculating whether they will ever tie the know and magazine articles revealing scoops of information about them.

So they were only ready now to get engaged. So what? Is there a stipulated correct period of being together before announcing an engagement. Because with the British media it seems as if there is. There are headlines online saying that “Kate’s 9 year wait is over” and some call her “Waity Katie”. The journalists were asking the prince why it took him so long to propose, and he smartly answered “I didn’t know it was a race”. It seemed journalists and everyone in the media world were all panicking because there was no official announcement that Will and Kate were getting married. And now that they apparently have set next July as their date, the press has already gone into overdrive. Only this morning, television shows are already discussing on television what dress Kate will wear, what cake the couple will have and where they will spend their honeymoon. Hopefully once they get married and the novelty slowly starts to wear off, the press won’t start inventing stories about affairs, separation and divorce.

It’s not easy marrying a prince I guess.

Though I’m doing perfectly great with mine 🙂


2 thoughts on “This and that

  1. I completely agree re the wedding… already feel sorry for them. LOVED Will’s “I didn’t know it was a race” response!! haha… also love that she’s wearing Diana’s ring. Very apt, methinks 🙂

    Have we still not seen pictures of brunette you?????

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