Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket!

So Britain, Europe, the whole world and probably even any aliens living in the remote and places yet unknown to man know that Bonny Prince William is getting married on April 29th. Thanks to Cabinet giving off a Bank Holiday as a result, apparently English workers will get 11 days holiday while only needing to take 3 days off work. And I have just heard now that apparently the newly-engaged couple have decided to give off a hundred wedding invites to random ‘common’ people in a Willy Wonka way – finding the Golden Ticket in your mail will guarantee you a place in this event.

So I was just thinking and preparing myself for the event that one of the invites finds itself to my letter box. The first question is ‘What to Wear?’ Hmmm that would be a tough one, all things considered. The second and perhaps most important issue is the Gifts Issue. Do they receive gifts like normal couples? Okay, probably yes. And what gift would be appropriate? A cash gift would seem rather inappropriate considering their position. Silverware? Hmmm, no. Maybe a donation to a charity of their choice? Perhaps that would be the best option. And finally how do you interact with the Queen and the Royal family? Do you curtsey, bow, shake hands, air-kiss?

Anyways, I’ll be waiting for the postman to arrive with my Golden Ticket. In the meantime I have to start studying royal etiquette and all the do’s and don’t’s concerned!

Keep dreaming J, keep dreaming 🙂

And on that theme, here’s the song to one of my favourite films ever! As much as I love Johnny Depp, I prefer the original in this case!

Oompa Loompa!


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