Cold…yet warm :)

With Friday being the crappiest day in a long time, the weekend looked awful and all gloomy. A, being as fabulous as he is, came back from work solely concentrated on making me smile again, despite the fact that he had had a long and tough day at work himself. So after ordering me to shower, dress and make myself up, he took me out for a romantic meal, a’ deux. He was goofy, loving, attentive and quite simply, The Best. I went to sleep on Friday with a smile on my face and actually got a full night’s sleep, one I haven’t had in a long while. The weekend did not look so bleak anymore 🙂

Saturday was spent roaming the shops, trying to start our Christmas shopping, but ended up instead getting even more decorations for ourselves. And how couldn’t we, with all the lovely selection out there? I now have five full bags of decorations which have to make it to Malta this weekend. Somehow.

We tried a Lebanese/Moroccan restaurant in the evening with out friends, which I really liked! I loved the tastes, colourful vegetables and the couscous! We missed the belly dancer because she only makes an appearance on Thursdays (pity because the boys were quite ‘curious’ to see her). After dinner, we met at our place for some poker and I managed to lose all of five pounds 😦

I love Sundays here with A. It is our quiet day together, when we just enjoy each other’s company and are not rushed for anything. This Sunday was even lovelier than usual becaue we were stuck to our windows looking outside, waiting for the snow to arrive. And when it did, we were as excited as small children! After cooking a tasty duck breast and baking an orange and poppy seed cake which came out delicious, we invited our friends over for a late coffee and cake. And while it was literally freezing outside, inside our small flat, we were all warm (some with coffee and tea, others with port) and surrounded with happiness and love, and enjoying the feeling you get when, for a rare instant, everything just feels perfect 🙂


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