Christmas calm

I’ve sadly abandoned my writing these past couple of days. It’s basically a result of a total lack of energy and lethargy. Why I’m being this pessimistic at this time of the year is beyond me, because I love December, I love Christmas and everything that comes with it! I guess everything is slowly catching up with me. So with only 3 weeks remaining of 2010, I vouch to write more frequently in the new year. That, and rediscovering my cheerful normal self.

In the meantime I’m looking forward to this weekend when I finally (yes, about time) start and hopefully finish my Christmas shopping. We’re spending a weekend in Oxford, doing some productive shopping in Bicester Village and hopefully return home with a fully-crossed shopping list. A’s gift is the normal problem. With his love of gadgets, the normal solution would be to get him the ipad. In fact, I wouldn’t mind getting it for myself! However I’m hoping for a certain trip to a certain city next February and should it happen, then I’ll get it for him from there because I’ve read that a new version is coming out in the coming months. I just hate when that happens – you buy something new and it’s suddenly old and with newer versions already out on the market. At least give me a couple of years to enjoy my ‘new’ gadget :S

So I’m now off to change and pop in the centre to send some long overdue letters. The weather seems sunny and clear blue skies are everywhere, but that won’t fool me as to the temperature out there! I’m freezing as never before. At least the snow has disappeared – a week too late but that’s okay.

A’ bientot dolls xxx


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