It’s Panto-time again!

Apart from the usual traditions associated with Christmas time, the one thing I really look forward to every year, is our visit to see the panto. We’ve been doing it for the past four years, and yesterday marked this year’s visit. We always saw the MADC’s production because we simply adore Alan Montanaro’s Dame, and this year’s Scrooge was by far the best I have ever been to! The panto played to a full house, and Alan reduced everyone to tears with his hilarious lines and outrageous behaviour! Though the political and social references were cut down a bit, his double entendres and Maltese-English phrases were simple genius (‘unbelieve-it’ instead of ‘unbelievable’ and asking a crowd member whether she’d prefer her husband’s pay packet to be increased – translated by the Dame as ‘Tridlu pakkett akbar?’) The Dame starts off the panto by explaining her name – Vuvuzela, and her imitations of past Eurovision contestants and especially Lady Gaga are hysterically funny.

You have to really give it to the actors who participated in a production such as this because it definitely must not be the easiest job in the world performing the same show day after day for a month, and always having to appear on stage with a fresh enthusiasm as if it’s the first show of the year. But somehow they manage and as part of the crowd, you feel as if they are all performing the show just for you.

I would definitely recommend Scrooge to everyone out there!


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