After six weeks of living with nausea day and night, for every single minute of every day, without any relief whatsoever, it came as a big welcome to wake up one day and feel normal! Though the nausea still pops in every now and then, it has abated and I do feel better! We went to the supermarket yesterday to stock up on food supplies because our kitchen was as bare as can be, and for the first time in weeks I enjoyed running down the aisles and picking up foods and drinks, without constantly taking deep breaths and trying to keep my stomach in place.

As far as the exhaustion goes, I’ve been feeling it ever since finding out I was pregnant, and I sometimes feel like an old lady huffing and puffing just to make it home after a short walk. We went to Italy for a new year’s break, which was just perfect for me, except for the sheer exhaustion I suffered from – I would feel like dozing off after breakfast, so you can all imagine the state of me after three whole days running round Bologna! However I have now recovered and am catching up with the much-needed rest I need!

I have now given up trying to keep my stomach in and have actually (on one occasion only, okay) worn a tight top and gloated in the new curves my body has! I have now given up on trying to find my waist, and I know I will not see it again for a couple of months, but it does not matter as much as I thought it would. It is all happening for a very good reason. I am trying to control my eating, and after weighing myself on the luggage scales at the airport last December, I tried again last Monday (to the amusement of the MIA staff who must have thought I was losing it), and found out I had only gained 1/2 a kilo. Then again, I know the big gain is still to come.

Some foods I loved, I can stand no longer. I’ve waved a temporarily goodbye to mushrooms, sparkling water (yes, strange), shellfish and sugary sweets. The latter is the saddest of the lot.

In the meantime I’ll continue basking in The Bump as it slowly grows πŸ˜‰

Now how's that for support?


4 thoughts on “Bumpity-bump

  1. Even now that I’m well past it, my ‘battling-with-nausea-for-6-months’ self is sooo jealous of you!!!

    I was off sparkling water for ages too, only now just started being able to enjoy it again πŸ™‚ Same with chocolate *licks lips*

    Glad you’re doing so well!! xx

    • I’m not totally past it, just a bit better. I was sick all the time – even when waking up to go the bathroom at night! And I never vomited so that just made it worst!!

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