Emotional roller-coasters!

Pregnancy life seems to have finally settled down and I am thrilled to be feeling my normal self again. No more sickness, no more exhaustion, the cold I had is gone as has the terrible cough I had last week which made me lose a couple of nights’ sleep. The Bump is growing as well, not too much though, so I can still try and hide it at times – though up close, it is visible. I would normally have this sort of bump after indulging in too much food (generally right after Christmas). However this Bump is different – for a starter it is much harder. Also the curve is different. I have to say my body is definitely changing! I have just started my 14th week and Second Trimester, and am hoping that all stays as is, at least for the time being.

Around Christmas time I met up with A’s cousin, who works and lives as a doctor here in England, and she suggested we do the Nuchal Scan, a scan which needs to be carried out before the start of the 14th week. As is always the case with A and myself, we finally got round to calling the clinic on Monday and after giving the receptionist my details and dates, a hurried appointment was made for yesterday afternoon, because we found out that any later than that would just be too late. Lazy and lucky I say…

Although we both had no reason to, A and I were scared of the scan because at my age (30) the risk for any abnormalities starts to increase. In fact a 30 year old expectant mother has a one in 600 chance of having an affected baby. I am a worrier, a silent worrier, and I probably read a bit too much on this blessed scan, but I could not sleep a wink on Monday night because it is only normal to worry a bit. A, bless him, managed to cancel his appointments for yesterday afternoon, and after surprising me at the station, we set off to Harley Street, London, for The Scan.

After blood tests were taken (needles, eek!!) in order to check my hormonal levels, a young Italian doctor took us into the clinic, prepared me for the scan, and we soon started. It was my third scan, the previous two only checked for a regular heartbeat since the baby was too small at those points. However this time round, the baby’s form was clear to see! The doctor had several markers she had to test in order to complete the Scan, and the heartbeat, spinal cord, fluid and all organs were checked, and we were given a thumbs up and a completely normal and healthy go-ahead! In fact the odds went from 1-600 to 1-12,000 so I can safely say that everything is okay. We had a shocking split-second when the scan started and the doctor told us “Baby number one looks healthy” – WHAT?!? Was there a second baby?? We both asked her simultaneously. With relief, the doctor answered us with a ‘No’…and a smile.

The baby was not cooperating at first – since I had just lunched, ‘it’ was in sleeping mode, and the poor doctor was gently nudging ‘it’ trying to get it to wake up and change position. It was laying on its’ right side, with its’ right hand beneath its’ head! Baby did not co-operate of course (perhaps a bit stubborn like me?), so I had a hot chocolate, walked round the clinic for a bit, and went back in the room.

It was then that A and myself were shell-shocked and completely in awe. Because this tiny being, whom I can not feel as yet, was waving its’ hands, touching its’ head, placing its’ hand near its’ mouth, putting its’ behind and legs upwards and turning around in every conceivable position! It was fascinating and so moving that I had tears running down my face. It was, without a shadow of doubt, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Getting the Baby to stay still in order to measure ‘it’ was a hard task after that, but the doctor finally managed. No surprise ‘it’s’ a tall baby – A is definitely not on the short side. I can only start to imagine the roller-coaster bumps I will start having in the coming weeks!

The doctor also offered to give us a guess about the sex of the baby, and we now know, although we are not a hundred per cent sure about it, and will have to wait for a couple of more weeks before we confirm. So in the meantime, it’s our little secret 🙂

I have already seen the scan dvd the doctor gave us, twice, and have learnt every nuance of every photo she gave us by heart. I feel happy, though that seems like an understatement at the moment considering the enormity of it all. Every part of me wants to meet this little one so badly, six months seem a far long time to go. Though through experience, six months is not such a long time after all.

In the meantime I must definitely start picking out names. From where do I start?

And for your eyes, and yours only, here is our little one

I'm head over heels in love with this little one xxx

Baby will be referred to as ‘it’ from now onwards to try and keep the sex a secret….at least for now!


6 thoughts on “Emotional roller-coasters!

  1. I love those little scan profile pictures, they’re gorgeous. I know what you mean about being head over heels – there’s one picture in particular from our 22 week scan I can never get enough of. Until I actually meet her, it seems to represent the very essence of this baby.

    I think I am going to love hearing about your journey, especially when mine is over! x

  2. I’m loving this journey and will do my best to indulge you clare!
    Mau, now you know I’m going to be a thousand fold biased and say yes, ‘it’ is absolutely gorgeous hehe 🙂

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