Shocking grey!

Every Friday I try and set my hair to a presentable state. Of course after the whole Ghd fiasco, I urge myself to try and make at least a weekly use out of the hair genius.

But the past couple of weeks, ever since the start of the new year in fact, I have found out, to my absolute horror and shock, that I have lots, and I mean lots of grey hair! The most fastidious one of them all is the one which is the first hair I have growing in my fringe area, which I’ve now resorted to tweezing out! Of course the besterd has a way of always growing back.

Thankfully as yet, my normal centre parting does not reveal any disgusting pale hairs, but I tried a side fringe last weekend and could not go through with it! While it may be handsome and becoming on gentlemen, it is horrible on women. And while I respect any female who chooses to let her hair grow freely without the use of any chemical products, one of the worst sights I have ever seen is a middle-aged woman, with long black hair till her waist, all speckled with grey hair, which had a way of growing all wild and frizzy. Not a pleasant sight.

So although I love the new hair colour I got in October (and which I will finally touch up next month, because it is now a reddish/coppery colour with my old highlights popping out), I can not wait for summer to go back to my blondish hues. At least that will probably hide them for a couple of months/years yet…

Also, the most preoccupying thought of them all is – Does this mean I’m getting old?!?


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