The Beauty of Beauty

Having just watched a naked chef on live television cause havoc with the female presenter and audience present on the show, along with twitter fans twittering like mad about this very fine chef’s sculpted torso (not that I looked too much…), and requesting the knitted ‘little’ goodies which were covering the same chef’s ‘crown jewels’, this just goes to show you how no one is unsusceptible to the beauty of beauty.

We all recognize beauty and appreciate it, be it a human being, a piece of clothing, those lovely pair of Louboutins, architecture or even one special moment which holds all the beauty in the world for you.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and whether we like to admit it or not, everyone wants to surround themselves with things which are beautiful, for beauty enhances happiness, and happiness does make the world go round. And the wonderful thing about beauty’s objectivity is that every single thing is capable of being the most beautiful thing in the world for one person, making it even more and more special.

I am no different. I love looking at and touching sky-high priced outfits, handbags and shoes. Even though I do not afford buying them, I get a pure sense of pleasure and happiness by feeling them and looking at their pure beauty. I can wear myself pretty when feeling a bit low – putting on my favourite pair of boots and new bag always puts a big smile on my face. I appreciate the beauty in men and women and it is not the first time that I have nudged A in the middle of the street, telling him “Just look at how beautiful that girl is!”

Of course only I am allowed to say those words in our relationship.

So if you have something which is bothering you, which you can change, and which you decide to change because you want to, why not do it? If it makes you happier, you will feel and look happier. I agree with the concept of changing one’s appearance when done reasonably and for the right reasons. I do not understand how some people can claim that humans ought to learn to live with the face and body God gave them and not do anything about it. But why? I have had alterations to myself which I do not regret for one little instant. I love the result I got and it has made me so much happier and more confident than I was before. It was my choice, I did it knowing the risks involved, it was not an easy-peasy cheap ride in the park, but it was worth every penny and twinge of pain I may have felt afterwards. My only regret is delaying in doing something about it. I am no pillar of excellency in beauty, but in my own way I feel more attractive and much happier than I was before. I have tried botox, and unsurprisingly enough, I loved the result! There was no face-freezing as I had read on magazines, where the people undergoing botox end up with no facial expression whatsoever. The slight tightening of the face, especially the crow’s feet round the eyes and wrinkles in the forehead area, are the result I wanted and got. The result lasted for around four months, and when it was time to top-up, I found out I was pregnant. So I’m currently on hold for my next shoot up.

So do not judge and you won’t be judged. Everyone strives for happiness, and if beauty helps you achieve that, then go for it!


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