Mish-mash of a week…

I have had an interesting week of sorts. Coupling some frustrating episodes together with the results of the pile of mush that my once efficient brain has now become, every new day is providing a new and funnier/sadder episode than the previous one.

So I present to you this mish-mash of an entry. One paragraph may have no connecting factor to the next and seem totally unrelated at times (which it in fact is), but then again life is not always as organized as we wish it to be. Especially for me at this point of my life!

I blame the pregnancy for my short-term memory and forgetfulness at the moment. Then again, babycenter.com tells me otherwise:

…If you think you’re flakier than usual while you’re pregnant, it may just be your perception.

I’ll just proceed with the facts:

§ While in Gozo last weekend, we were lucky to have two beautiful days full of sun and calm weather. So on Sunday afternoon, we headed off to our favourite winter village (or hamlet I should say) and had a beautiful walk by the seaside. We then decided to stop at a nearby hotel for a hot drink and brief resting of my legs. The place was packed, as it normally is every Sunday during winter, more and more so when the sun is out and shining. Only one waiter was serving the whole outside area, so we knew we were in for a wait. After ten minutes of trying to catch the poor waiter’s eye, he finally rushed over and quickly took our order, proceeding to then cleaning tables, taking orders and delivering coffees to other patrons. We were then entranced by the beauty of the sunset over the sea’s horizon and simply enjoyed the sun’s rays over our faces. However when the sun set, and the chilly air descended upon us, we realized that half an hour had passed by and we were still without our drinks. The table next to ours which had come after us, had already been served so we decided to up and leave and go for coffee somewhere else. Upon seeing us stand up, the poor waiter came over and told us that our order was on its’ way. Furthermore he told us that he did not expect any payment for the coffees because of the delay. The coffees came, we drank them, and went inside to pay, because I would not have felt comfortable going for coffee again at that place, and we do love the place despite its’ flaws. Inside, an elderly woman was behind the bar and when we asked her for the bill, she asked us what we had had, and then looked at us and went “Erm, two capucchino’s cost five Euro”. My mushy brain confused the Euro for Sterling and handed over the money to the lady without any question. The lady started putting the money into her apron, when A asked her how much exactly did a capucchino cost. Seemingly flustered, she went inside an office, presumably to ask about the cost, when we heard the manager yell at her “It’s three Euro, not five!” The manager came outside to apologize for the lady’s over-charging, and the lady started repeating “I am not normally in charge of the till, I’m sorry, I had no idea”. Added to this hiatus and chaos that was being created, much to our embarrassment, in came the waiter who had served us, and upon seeing the money we had put on the counter to pay, told the manager and the lady that the coffees were gratis owing to the delay earlier on. He went to the counter, collected the money to give them back to A, and dropped the coins in confusion. Both him and the manager bent down to collect them. They could not retrieve all coins since one had gone beneath the bar. The manager ordered the lady, who was still apologizing, to bring a broom over to find the stubborn coin. So with all that confusion going on, we left the money there, ended up apologizing for the chaos we had innocently created and trying to hide from the people outside who were bemused by the show that had somehow been created inside, we hurried out to our car. That is a coffee I will not easily forget.

Tick-tock, tick-tock...

§ Upon returning to England and an empty kitchen, we set off to our local M&S to stock up. Upon paying, the cashier asked us whether we wanted a plastic bag. I told her that we had brought our own with us. This mean cashier, who must have either had a very bad day at work or was pms-ing, looked me coldly in the eye and told me “I didn’t ask you whether you had your own bag. I just asked you whether you needed one”. Talk about a cold bitch!

§ With my kitchen fully-stocked, I decided to do some baking and opted for a chocolate and almond cake (for A) and a lemon drizzle cake which A could take with him for work. I had found the recipes and was convinced I had all the ingredients necessary. After grating the chocolate, chopping the lemon zest and almonds and creaming the butter and sugar, and rendering the kitchen a necessary mess, I shockingly realized that I was out of eggs, and not having enough time to go buy some more, I had to put everything in the corner and postpone the baking till the day after. Till now, I can not understand where my eggs have gone! I could have and will still swear that I had six eggs ready for me in the fridge. But their whereabouts are still a mystery.

§ The day afterwards, I woke up and went to have a shower before leaving to buy the eggs. I stood in the shower and turned on the water. For some reason I was feeling strange but proceeded to lather up….when I realized that I was standing in my underpants under a running shower. Feeling a total idiot, I removed them, hung them to dry before I could throw them in the laundry bin. Forgetful anyone?!

§ After having purchased a dozen eggs for good measure, I was finishing the cakes, when our flat owner came round in order to check out some problems we were having with one of the radiators. I had never met him before and as we got talking, he asked me whether A had lots of patience. I thought that to be a rather strange question, but I started gushing about how patient he was, with me, at work etc etc. He then gave me a blank look and told me, “I meant does he have lots of patients – at work!” That shut me up and I pretended to go check the cakes in the oven.

§ Just as he was leaving, he congratulated me upon the pregnancy and then after clearing his throat, he told me, “I don’t want to sound too intrusive, but I feel I must tell you that drinking alcohol during pregnancy is not advisable. There are too many health hazards attached to that”. I was gobsmacked and totally shocked and then realized why he might have arrived at that conclusion. Every time we visit Malta, A brings over some bottle of alcohol or liqueur and we now have quite a small amount. We have whiskeys, limoncello, Averna, Amaretto and some Grappa as well. They are proudly displayed in our kitchen, as are the empty bottles of wine that we have been meaning to take to the recycling bins for a while, but always forget. So I am sure this man looked at all the empty bottles of wine, together with the bottles of alcohol, found out that I am not working and am at home a lot, and must have arrived at a false and totally deceiving conclusion. I pointed out to him that the closest thing I got to alcohol nowadays was either sniffing a bottle or A’s breath. I was offended and shocked at his rude observation, especially considering that this man knows nothing about me, that I showed him to the door, told him a swift goodbye and shut the door. Good riddance!

Not ALL men, of course.

There goes my week! It has been interesting to say the least. As well as frustrating and annoying at times. Some episodes were funny and I could laugh about them afterwards. However some were very annoying, especially the last one I wrote about. I recounted it to A, who was fuming with anger at the owner’s insensitivity. Because some people have no idea what they’re talking about and to whom. For all it matters to him, I can be drinking a bottle of wine a day – it still would not have been any of his business. And not drinking anything at all, I felt more and more offended. Do I have the look and aura of a drunkard staying at home, drinking the hours till A comes home from work? I know not, so he has been relegated to my list of least-favourite people at the moment, and totally dismissed of any importance. Life is too beautiful at the moment to be scarred by an insensitive’s comment 🙂


6 thoughts on “Mish-mash of a week…

  1. Oh god that would be really worrying! Having said that, no I haven’t checked it yet. And now I won’t from fear of actually finding them there! But seriously, I could have sworn I had them eggs ready hmmm!!

  2. You’re sounding just like me 🙂 Only in my case no one ever seems surprised when I do these things.. in fact I am nicknamed “onlyver.com”

    It’s great that you could laugh and relate these episodes.

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