Love + Food = Just Perfect :)

It’s the end of the weekend. A’s watching football and I’m relaxing on the sofa with a book and the laptop for company. My appetite is back with a bang and the only time I can stop eating is when I actually start feeling sick. Which is right about now. So I’ve stopped stuffing myself with dried fruits and nuts for the moment, and type instead.

Yesterday evening, a group of us went for a Chinese dinner. Before pregnancy I used to love going out for a Chinese and would have the time of my life pigging out on everything on the menu…and feeling ridiculously guilty afterwards. So I used to think that when pregnant, I could indulge in Chinese food whenever I took fancy to it. Boy was I wrong! Yesterday was the first day Chinese food was suggested and I didn’t recoil in disgust. So we tried out a new Chinese place, the food was as good as Chinese food can get I guess – not too oily, not too saucy and with actual meat in the plates, and I had a peaceful sleep afterwards. Not too bad!

Today was cold and the rain was drizzling all day long. But it could not start romantically enough πŸ™‚ A woke up and told me he had to check the car’s tyres, so while I prepared to shower, in he came, carrying a bouquet of eight baby roses – one for each year we’ve been together. And this from a man who does not believe one bit in the commercial outburst that is Valentine’s Day has become. No surprise I became all teary-eyed and emotional – I’m a pathetic romantic, so imagine me now…

My lovely eight-bunch πŸ™‚

We decided that with the wintery weather, and both of us in a serene kind of mood, we set off for a car ride – destination no where in particular. So we set off driving aimlessly round our neighbouring villages. We went to Wye and Chilham, stopped at a tea house for a cup of tea where the average age of the other patrons was probably 70, found a farm and stopped to buy some fruit and vegetables, and returned home to cook and eat.

A beautiful tree in Wye...

Sundays are A’s day for cooking. He loves cooking and experimenting with food and ended up making a wonderful feast of stuffed crabs, rib-eye steak and strawberries for dessert.

The empty crab shell after having gobbled down the yummy inside!

That’s great I hear you ask.

Yes, but…

I had already promised him a romantic meal for tomorrow night, since it will probably be our last Valentine’s Day that we can celebrate as a twosome, without any hurry or thoughts. But with A setting the bar that high, I’m thinking that maybe I’ve set off to bite more than I can chew. I’m trying out a new starter I’ve never done before, found delicious-sounding side dishes, and a friend lent me the recipe for a cake which I’ve never done before. Only the main dish is a definite. All I know is that tomorrow is going to be one busy day, and hopefully we can eat and dine on some good dishes in the evening!!

In the meantime, to all of you – hope you spend tomorrow with your someone special, enjoy the moment and make it yours alone πŸ™‚

Kisses xxx



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