Dark and broody grr…

I am normally a cheerful person. Not the sort who always walks around with a spring to her step and with smiles and ‘hellos’ to strangers and friends alike, but the sort who always tries to have a positive outlook to life. I believe that everything happens for a greater reason, and therefore something right will always come out of a wrongful event. Maybe it’s a naive approach and I ought to know better, but life has taught me to enjoy every bit of life, and not to mull over unfortunate happenings. My husband refers to me as Miss Positive at times, because I somehow always find a positive thread amongst a rubble of horrible events. He tells me it’s one of my nicest attributes and I always manage to oust a smile from him when he sometimes comes home a bit down and depressed about work or something else.

Today is NOT one of those days.

Today is a day where I want to whine, grumble, complain, groan and throw a tantrum. I woke up feeling ill. I had an awful night, am sure I had the fever because I woke up all clammy with sweat and shivering with cold at the same time. Husband was filling up my cup with water all night long and checking up on me and whether I was still running a fever. Now, a shower and rest later, I feel slightly better but am left with a body aching so much it’s as if I was run over by a building truck. Before leaving for work, A spent the better of ten minutes trying to put a smile on my face, talking gibberish, acting all silly. But I was adamant at remaining all serious and sullen. He has since called me three times, obviously worried that I was not my usual cheerful self. And now, even though I feel better, I feel like acting like a young child who is refused something at the supermarket. I guess it is one of Those Days.

A male version of myself 😦

Very disturbing.

So bear with me and my dark mood. I promise I’ll be back to normal in a couple of days xxx

In the meantime, let me bask in this mood, a bit more…


2 thoughts on “Dark and broody grr…

  1. Hope you feel better soon- The good thing is that it’s a one off grumpy mood πŸ™‚ Perhaps you’ll get the chance to have a nice bath and pamper yourself a bit to feel a bit better–I was in a similar mood on Wednesday…
    Hope you get loads of pampering and get to feel better soon xxx

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