I need your help!!

Mr. A will soon be turning the big 3-0 and in honour of that I’ve been thinking of organizing him a surprise birthday gathering. We’ll be in Gozo at that time since his birthday will be around Easter time this year, so I was thinking of organizing it at our flat, and should the weather be stable by then, we can have it outside on the terrace.

The thing is that apart from organizing my wedding, I’ve never thrown a party before, let alone a surprise one. And then for A, whom I have never tried nor know if I’m capable of keeping a secret from. So while the venue is settled as is the cake – there will definitely be cake without or without a party, I have stopped there for the time being.

I need to decide on the number (around 20 I’m thinking), the food (I can order food nibbles from a local caterer) and the method of invitation. While I’ll be providing everything, I”m still at a dilemma with regards drinks. I will have some basics at hand such as wine and whiskey (A’s dad has hordes of the stuff thanks to his profession), but I was thinking of whether I should invite people only or invite them to a bottle-party sort of thing. I”m not interested in A receiving any gifts because the reason I’d like to organize this for him is just to meet up with his friends whom we haven’t been able to meet all at once since the wedding (apart from drinks at Christmas time). But at the same time I’m wondering whether it’s rude to invite people to a bottle-party birthday party. If I decide on the latter I want to make it clear that no gifts are to be exchanged. I just want a reason for meeting up and A’s birthday seems the perfect excuse!

So how do I go about that without sounding or seeming rude?

Then of course there is the hard task of keeping it a secret from A while I set the place up. I will definitely need A’s sister’s help at that one. That, of course, can wait for the time being.

I need to decide with regards the invitations!!


9 thoughts on “I need your help!!

  1. It’s not rude at all! When a party is a bottle-party, birthday or not, people generally assume there will not be gifts – however some will bring some anyway. But that’s up to them. If I were you, don’t mention gifts, just the “bring ____” bit… let them make their own minds up.

    PS I take it A doesn’t know about the blog then? 😛

  2. my sister will be thrilled that you mentioned her cakes! make sure you book asap because she’s very busy the next few months. as for the drinks, i don’t think it’s rude when friends ask me to bring a bottle, even though i don’t drink. i am talking about close friends, which i am assuming the invitees will be. i’d keep invitations word-of-mouth or email and make it very very clear it’s a surprise.

    • Mau, before telling anyone about my idea, I messaged Char to see if the date was free, which it is! Just hope she’ll be on the island at the time! So cake is booked – as for design etc, not yet, but there’s time yet! Yes, all friends are very close ones and I know it won’t cause any trouble to anyone, but just wanted to see what others think! Invites are by FB msg or sms 🙂 Yes yes, it’s going to be very clear about it being a surprise!!

  3. Not rude 🙂 Bring your own booze. It’s only fair hux. It costs too much to supply everyone with food AND drinks these days hehe. As for the gifts I would leave that up to the people if they want to give him a gift or not.

    Just a thought

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