– I can not find a comfortable sleeping position at night, and furthermore I wake up to terrible back and side pains. I must find specially-designed pillows as soon as possible!
– When I woke up during the night, I would normally fall back asleep immediately. Nowadays I wake up and lay awake for what seems like hours, until I finally go back to zzz.
– While having a bath is a favourite for me, I’m thinking I’ll soon have to transfer to the shower on a full-time basis because I’m finding it difficult to stand up from the bath.
– The same thing goes for getting out from the car. Of course our car is not exactly made for pregnant women, so there you go.
– My skin is becoming very dry and itchy all of a sudden, plus I have faint spots of darker pigmentation on my forehead. Ladies, welcome to what I’m figuring is chloasma. Thankfully the spots are not that dark that a little foundation does not cover.
– My neatly turned-in belly button is losing it’s normal depth and as freaked out as I was with belly buttons before, I can not even touch it nowadays. A, on the other hand, is fascinated by the changing shape of it.
– I’ve ditched my high-heels except for very special occasions, and have now resorted to spending all my days in my comfortable flat boots. Also, I have never ventured inside Clarks as many times as I have these past weeks.
– I miss closing my coat all the way up.

Complain as I do, it is all forgotten in an instant when I look at my-ever increasing bump. When I catch myself rubbing my tummy without even realizing it. When at the end of the day when we’re both on the sofa, A hunches over my tummy and starts talking to our bump, introducing himself and singing tuneless tunes. When I talk to my mother over skype and she excitedly asks to see my tummy and then hear her laugh. I’m amazed and marvelled at nature’s way of working.

I’m smiling even now 🙂


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