Madame Butterfly

As a Christmas present to A’s parents, we bought them tickets to Madam Butterfly which was to be staged at the Royal Albert Hall. They’re lovers of art, and so last Saturday we joined them in London for the story of Cio-Cio-San and Lt Pinkerton.

I had always wanted to enter this majestic building and I was not disappointed when I did. As magnificent as the exterior in, when entering into the main hall, the luxury of it all just swallows you in. Being circular in shape, the stage was centered right in the middle, and our seats had a perfect view of it all.

The story is about love and eventually heartbreak, and the actors performed their part to perfection. The ending scenes were emotional and everyone had a tear (or more, in my case) coming out by the end of it all.

Next March, the Aida will be staged at the Royal Albert Hall, and if I find any volunteers for baby-sitting, I’ll definitely be there 🙂


3 thoughts on “Madame Butterfly

  1. another opera lover. I LOVE opera. I study classical voice in fact and have sung ina few operas. Royal Albert Hall is AMAZING u r right. Had a performance there last October and I was left speechless when i entered the hall. Aidia is amazing 🙂

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