Mid-way there…

With all of yesterday’s excitement, I could not muster enough enthusiasm to properly describe and write about last Saturday’s opera because my mind kept returning to yesterday afternoon, and our 20-week scan. It was all that the 14-week scan was, times a million times more excitement 🙂

Baby was fully alert this time round since I had nibbled on some chocolate before entering the clinic. Though I have been feeling a sensation similar to air bubbles and gentle nudges every now and then, I have not started being kicked at on a regular basis, and I honestly can not wait for that now. The doctor was the same one we had last time, a lovely young Italian doctor who was patient and explaining each and every detail for us – though I was half-hearing her and mostly spent the whole scan gazing in an almost-hypnotic state at my little baby. I had A explain the parts I had missed on the way back home 🙂

Baby is healthy, the organs are growing steadily and as a bonus, the doctor took some 4D images of our 20-week old little one. She managed to take four 4D pictures before baby seemed bored and started putting ‘its’ arm in front of ‘its’ face, as if to say “Okay, haven’t you prodded about and taken enough pictures for today?!” But those four pictures are the most precious things I have and although still early, my little one is suddenly so much more real! On the DVD we were given, the 4D movement recorded is amazing, and pressure points on baby’s arms and face can be seen, from where baby is pressing against me! Needless to say, I was in tears by the end of the scan. As was A, judging by the sniffing I could hear coming from his way 🙂

I can not wait for our proper 4D scan when apparently the baby is easily recognisable by its’ facial features. That will happen around the 32 week mark.

I’ve also heard from my midwife today and we’re set to meet up for our first meeting next Monday morning. She sounded happy and chirpy on the phone, so hopefully she’ll be great! Though I have no doubt about her being exactly that.

Suddenly, having passed the pregnancy half-point, time seems to be flying by. And although I am feeling a million and one emotions – happiness, excitement, fear, anxiety and everything else, the one feeling that keeps popping up every minute, is impatience at July arriving and we can then finally meet this little bundle of joy.


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