The Itch :/

Along with the ‘expected’ changes my body is going through at the moment, for the past week or so, I have developed an itch. I literally mean I’m itching like crazy in my feet/legs area, and in between my fingers. I would expect an itch to develop where my tummy is stretching and growing, but my digits? The itch is sometimes dormant for days but always makes itself felt during nighttime when I wake up scratching my feet or hands. My poor white pasty legs are now similar to a just-plucked chicken, with red spots, dry and uneven skin. A’s father got me some hydrocortisone last week when he was here and that has eased the itch. But my skin seems totally alien to me at the moment. Apart from the red spots that have developed due to the over-itching, I have bumpy-feeling skin and it’s as dry as a desert. So I’m splashing on E45 every other hour trying to restore some of its’ former quality. I haven’t changed any liquid conditioner, I’ve been using Sanex to shower instead of the fruity shower gels I love so much, so I can’t properly understand where this is all coming from. I’m looking forward for next Monday when I will get to meet my MW and will ask her all about it. In the meantime I’m trying to distract myself whenever I feel the itch coming along…ugh!!



2 thoughts on “The Itch :/

    • It’s very very irritating! I’m having blood tests this week just to check that all is well with my livers (for fear of cholestasis)…Fingers crossed xxx

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