Mumbo-jumbo week!

The past week has been nothing short of one continuous spell of ill health. First me and now A. Thankfully we’re both recuperating – I’m feeling much better although I can’t rid myself of the blocked nose I have at times, while A, who had to return home from work yesterday (his job makes it very difficult to work with a dripping nose and sneezing nonstop), left for work today feeling better. Curious as it sounds I have never seen him properly sick, fever and all, in all the time we’ve been together which is nearly nine years. So when he woke up on Sunday moaning with a proper fever, I knew we were in trouble!

Apart from our poor ailment, things are progressing just great. The itching is still there and though it is slightly milder than last week, I mentioned it to my MW yesterday who will look into it when my blood results come in. Yes, that’s right, I need to have my blood taken for several tests – yikes, needles again!! I am supposed to be going in today, but will probably do so tomorrow. Procrastinating again!

My meeting with my MW went great. We spent over an hour chatting and talking, and she gave me so much information which I did not know (why sleeping on the left hand side is better for both baby and myself and why it’s better to slouch forward when sitting rather than backwards), and more literature to go through. Our next rendez-vous is set for the end of the month, when we will supposedly be discussing birthing plans. I’m sweating as I think about that …

I’ve started feeling the little one on the 8th of March (quite an appropriate present for myself I think), and I’m slowly figuring out a pattern in its’ movements. It moves in the morning when I’m talking to A while he’s getting ready for work. Early afternoons are its’ crazy times when movements are quite strong and ticklish at times. Baby is quieter in the evenings and only a flutter once a while is felt. Both of us are hoping (I know, it’s not the case, but…) that the baby will get used to understanding that daytimes are our being awake times, while evenings and night-times are the quiet times. If only ‘it’ would stick to this time-table once it is born! The movements simply fascinate me, and I’m glad that I do not need to go to a scan and listen in to the heartbeat to know that all is well with the baby. They seem to be a secret my baby and myself seem to be sharing at the moment, and it’s highly reassuring to feel the tiny nudges and kicks the little one is bestowing upon me.

I'd do a couple of somersaults...if I could 🙂 Yes, I'm happy xxx

Due to the movement, I have now started talking to the bump – actually, to the outside world I just look like a fat woman talking to herself, touching her tummy and smiling in the meantime. And it is quite distracting at times as well. Case in point – yesterday afternoon. Upon entering home, laden with shopping bags and finding a delivery package which I tried to carry with me up the short flight of stairs we have, baby moved and I slipped on the first two stairs and jammed the package into my side! Thankfully all seems okay because baby started kicking again after a couple of minutes. Just to reassure me I’m thinking! I’m a bit clumsy by nature. So you can only imagine my state at the moment. I will have to be super-careful from now onwards.

On a final note, we have started thinking about baby names. We thought that knowing the sex of the baby would facilitate the whole process and make it easier. However we seem to be stuck on two names and can not decide on one of them. It seems we have decided on a letter but not on the name…It seems such a defining and important decision, how do we know when a name is The Name? I am hoping we will have an illuminating moment and have the choice made for us. Yeah, right…

All in all it’s a beautiful period at the moment. I am feeling as normal as I can at the moment. My bump is now growing on a daily basis it seems. I am definitely sure its’ size will even amaze my mother when we go and visit The Rock this weekend. She is the one who is always urging me to eat and fatten up, “because you’re eating for two now!”, and asking A whether I’m eating enough. As if under-eating and starving myself was ever my problem…hmmm. A is simply terrific. He spoils me, he makes me laugh, he is beyond patient with my wants and urges and he patiently looks at baby clothes over the internet with me when I ask him to. I love it when he rubs my tummy sides and talks to the baby in the meantime. And baby seems to respond to him as well considering ‘its’ movement turns up a notch when ‘it’ hears ‘its’ father’s voice. Both of us are terribly impatient for the rest of this pregnancy to roll on by as quickly as possibly. We want to meet the baby so so bad.

Two to become three 🙂


6 thoughts on “Mumbo-jumbo week!

    • Thank you! Wow, that post took me back a year! The rest of the pregnancy was lovely, the birth experiece wasn’t as scary as I was dreading, and Cesca is a sweetheart 🙂

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