Spring Break and The Penguin…

After over six weeks of absenteeism, we finally returned to The Rock for a long weekend. The island is absolutely beautiful at this time of the year, and I did not mind the rain or winds – it was a lovely treat driving with the window down, taking in the smell of wet grass and earth. Spring is my favourite season of them all and the visit planned for Easter should be perfect for afternoon walks in the countryside or on the beach, having an ice-cream, and being able to sit outside for a chilled drink.

I have been feeling myself grow lately – it seems as if I am doing so by the day! My mother’s reaction was strong proof to this. For the woman who is always telling me to eat (‘you’re eating for two now’), and telling me I am not that big, appeared shell-shocked when she saw me last weekend! As were A’s mother and my friends and family whom I met up with! In fact, all the clothes I had left there during our last visit, did not fit, and last Saturday night I had a bit of a panicky moment when every top I was putting on was too tight at my upper-half and made me look a bit disturbing, especially with a lace v-neck top I had which ended up pushing my now-bigger boobies beyond the top! The only thing to do was re-wear Friday’s top which at least was comfortable. With our next visit being during Easter for a longer period, I need to urgently get some shopping done! One top alone can not get me through a fortnight’s visit!

The flights were comfortable, although I have now started walking sideways down the aisle to reach the toilet. I am hoping that at least for now, the penguin walk has not started, and I can still walk in a slightly straight line. Next month’s flight should prove to be interesting…

One sweet moment was during last Sunday’s lunch when A’s grandmother, a formidable woman of 93, told me not to keep the baby in for too long because she wanted to meet the little one before her days were over. This is the same grandmother who last December gave us small white towels and face-clothes – all for the baby. Because, according to her, you are only supposed to use white things on newborns and little ones πŸ™‚ In fact last Sunday, she was telling me, in an absolutely appalling manner, how her friend’s daughter was using black towels for her newborn because they’re better than white ones for frequent washing. Her facial expression was one of shock and disbelief, and only after reassuring her that I would not be using black items, did she continue eating. You have to love the elder generation.

4 thoughts on “Spring Break and The Penguin…

  1. It is and I much prefer spring to summer in Malta! We couldn’t take any long walks this time round because of the weather, but I’m hoping next month will be better πŸ™‚

  2. you’d have had a good laugh had we met…i’m all penguin! i can only waddle unfortunately. can’t wait to see you next time! in the meantime, we’d all love a photo or two, thank you very much.

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