The Size Issue

I seem to growing everyday. I swear that if I were to record my bump for a couple of hours, I would actually be able to catch the growth in real time. I mentioned it to the midwife this morning and she told me that it was a healthy sign. Of course it is, but for me it’s much more than that. I look at my 19 week bump picture and it seems like a godzillion years ago – and mind you, it’s only been taken 5 weeks ago!!

Want to see how much can change in five weeks? Take a look….

No, I'm not endorsing any mobile phone deal here!! Just couldn't take the picture properly without the phone showing!

Pre-pregnancy, I knew my body very well. I was always slightly bigger in the lower-half and smaller in the upper-half. In fact, all the tops I bought were a size 8, sometimes a 10 depending on the style. Nowadays, not only am I not wearing an 8 or a 10, but I’ve had to buy size 12 maternity tops! And the knitted top I just bought today from Zara, is a large!! Call me vain, but it was a slightly upsetting purchase. Yes I know, good cause and all that, but still…I’m wondering whether anything will fit me post-pregnancy.

I won’t even mention my lower-half growth. Better not open That Box.

The thing is, I don’t see much of a difference from my waist upwards, apart from The Bump of course. Bras have become a big tight to be honest, but not enough to justify the jump of sizes, which is weird because every top I owned before the pregnancy is becoming tight from the bust area.

So I’ve had to swallow the bullet and give in to purchase size 12 tops. I am trying to find some dresses I can wear for Easter time in Malta, and am looking at size 12 dresses. I’m in for the kill now I guess. Hopefully, size 12 dresses will still fit me by then.

I am looking at Asos which has some beautiful dresses.

The purple one is my absolute favourites, though I don’t know where/when I can wear it during my next visit to The Rock, since my first wedding of the season is on the first weekend of June, and I’d rather buy that outfit the latest as I can.

I love these colours, the stripes and the casual style of it! This, I can probably wear during the next holidays, so it has been added to my shopping bag…along with a couple of others.

Also, Uniqlo have a great sale going on at the moment of cardies and v-neck tops with the cutest pastel colours. I got two last Sunday during an outing to London, and have just received a couple more which I ordered from their website and which only took one day to deliver!

All bought Size Large of course…

8 thoughts on “The Size Issue

    • Ah thanks V! The only thing is that my body is changing so much so quickly and with it, everything else! But deep down, I’m loving every minute 😉
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