The Taken Decision

Good morning lovelies! I’m hoping you are all having a wonderful day wherever you are. Personally, waking up to find the sun shining and the sky an interrupted blue, guarantee me a positive-mood all day round. Unlike yesterday’s weather which was gloomy and raining all day long. So I’m showering and rushing outdoors, because the one thing guaranteed with English weather, is its’ utter unpredictability.

I am 25 weeks pregnant at the moment. Baby is the size of an aubergine – a big one at that – since it’s around 35cm and weighs nearly 700g! The kicking and movement are now becoming more pronounced and keep me company when I’m laying awake during the middle of the night or early morning, trying to fall back asleep, but to no avail. Because that seems to be latest mishap I’m experiencing at the moment – I have lost my sleeping pattern and routine. I used to be able to wake up during the night, go to my business and fall asleep after a second. Now I end up with eyes wide open, trying to visualize the imaginary sheep jumping over the fence in an attempt to return to slumber. That never works so I just lay there, silently talking to the baby and willing myself to zzzz off again.

In the meantime we have started looking at baby apparel, because we have not started buying anything yet. I slightly panic when I think of what needs to be bought and done since this being the first baby, nothing is ready or prepared yet! I have been going online looking for lists of baby furniture and items, and have deduced that we will buying a pram, car seat, Moses basket, crib and a washing basin to start off with. Apart from the muslims and bed-wear and other miscellaneous items which are ancillary to the furniture. I truly love the Bugaboo Camaleon which I have been researching online. It is a nine-in-one stroller/pram which can hold up to a 17kg child, with a simple design and according to the video tutorial, does not seem that hard to function. After all, I will be a beginner in all this!! A has started doing research of his own, so hopefully we will be closing the sale next month!

We have also started looking for a change of place since as I have stated before, our current home, while absolutely perfect for us both, is a bit small for a baby as well. What started off as searching for a place to rent has suddenly taken a twist towards a search for buying a place. We saw four places last Saturday. I particularly loved the first one we saw, which was a bit pricey, but most important would not be available at the time we would be needing it. It was a show-house, so everything was ready to move into, the decor was simply beautiful and the area was a nice one. I’m thinking it will be a hard feat to match up to that first property we both loved. But we have a couple of more lined up for our inspection in the coming weeks, so I won’t give up hope just yet.

The biggest news for us this past week has been our finally making up our mind where to give birth. Our options were here in England or going back to Malta for the last few weeks (that is, me leaving for Malta and A coming up every weekend). In the end, after discussing it and taking everything into consideration, we have decided that our wee one will be born in Malta. It is the choice I particularly wanted, and A shares my understanding of the choice. While both grandmothers were already telling me they would come over to help me out, there were other factors which helped weigh the decision onto Malta. First and foremost having my Maltese gynae with me or assisting the birth, would sooth my mind a great deal since I fully trust him (especially considering my past experience), and if that means travelling to Malta to have him there on the day, then so be it. Another factor is that it gives my mother and myself some weeks before the baby arrives, to enjoy the remainder of the pregnancy together, because I miss having her around during this time, and as much as I know we will argue after having spent a number of days together, I can not wait for it! I have told her of our decision, and she was so happy that she ended up in tears, and that makes me definitely sure of my decision. Also, I will get to meet my dearest friends, maybe go for slow walks, have a chat and coffee together, and enjoy the last couple of days before the baby comes. Because although we email, message eachother and talk on Skype, I miss hanging out with them and meeting them up, even if only for a quick coffee. It will be summer, my aunts will be visiting from abroad and we have four family weddings I hope not to miss, though I can not absolutely promise anyone anything at the moment. The only downside to all this is not having A on a daily basis, but we have chosen his dates of visiting, and I will be seeing him quite more than I had initially thought. We both love summer in Malta, and he will have the greatest excuse ever to visit The Rock much more frequently than usual.

So this summer will be a different summer just like last year’s was. Albeit for different reasons, and hopefully in the beginning of September, all three of us, will be returning home to England to properly begin our life as a family.


4 thoughts on “The Taken Decision

  1. I think it’s a wise decision to give birth here. I have never been through it obviously but I would imagine even the fact that your family can help out and be here for support without having only a limited time to do so before they have to catch a flight back home is comforting 🙂

    • Especially so in my case since I have never had any training of any sorts when it comes to babies!! I’ll hopefully have around five weeks of help in Malta before leaving, plus I’m thinking of dragging my mother here with us when we come back. But that’s another decision 🙂
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  2. While I understand your reasons, I’d have hated to risk David not being at the birth 😦 I’m not sure if I misunderstood something, is A going to be there too constantly the last 5 or so weeks/is it a planned C-section? x

    • It’s something we’re both aware of. Gynae is waiting till a couple of more weeks to see what birth we’ll have, depending on the way pregnancy progresses due to my ex-fibroid. So at the moment A is planning 2-3 weeks around due date but no tickets have been bought yet! Good thing is that he can easily leave at a whim’s notice…I’d obviously want him around for the birth but I’d probably need him more afterwards. I don’t know what to expect!
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