Sunny days!

Morning all! Still recuperating from the weekend or are you all fresh and ready to face another week full of god-knows-what and whom? My weekend started off with giving in to a mighty Chinese food craving I was having on Friday night, which went by totally satisfied by the way. Saturday was spent in the centre, sipping coffee in the sun and baring my shockingly-white arms to the public! And from what I could see, I was not the only one. The women walking by were either extremely pale or else that unhealthy shade of orange that self-tanning brings with it. I much prefer the former to the latter. All I can think of when I see an orange-shaded woman passing by is scrubbing and exfoliation….?!

Yesterday we left home early and headed to Brighton for the day where we met a couple of our closest friends who left from London, and we met up at good old B. The marathon was going on so the traffic entering the city was a bit hellish at times, but after a couple of minutes we parked, met up with our dearies, and headed off to the coast.

The number of people there was amazing, this due to the marathon and also to the marvellous day that was yesterday. We left Canterbury a sunny 13 degrees and arrived in a sweltering-hot 21 degree Brighton! I missed the feeling of having direct sunshine on your body, having that bit of a sweat on your neck area underneath your hair, and removing a light cardigan from your body because even that is bothersome, so yesterday was a blessing! Sure, the weatherman is telling us that this will all change on Wednesday, but I don’t mind because I made the most of the sun, while and how I could.

We ate, drank chilled drinks, walked, talked, laughed, had coffee and cake and enjoyed each other’s company. Of course, the walking part was a bit slowish at times but I was not complaining from tiredness (for once), though this morning I am having to sit down and put my feet up every ten minutes because standing up alone is a feat. But it was all worth doing because it was truly an enjoyable day 😉

Here are some of the pictures we managed to take!

Mama and!

And this is The Bump at 25+5 weeks 🙂


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