Hello all ;)

Back from our 12-day visit to The Rock, I am still in the process of unpacking and putting everything back to its’ original place. Everything is taking longer than usual now because I have to pause every couple of minutes to sit down and put my feet up.

The visit was a long one this time round, and we were not lucky weather-wise. It is really ironic that we left and arrived to sunny weather here in England, whereas all we got in Malta was rain, grey and yellow skies and wind! The only beautiful day we managed to catch was the day we left the island. So long for getting a hint of a tan! However I was extra-thrilled to find the quasi-decent weather for an ice-cream and walk on the beach πŸ™‚ I also caught up on my reading, visited what seems like a hundred relatives, met all the friends I could possibly fit in, ate tonnes of ‘figolli’ and chocolate eggs till I felt sick to my stomach, and all in all had a wonderful time!

For all those who were following my account of trying to organize a surprise birthday party for A -it went great and I managed to keep it a semi-secret from A till the very end, which was no easy feat. The only giveaway was my stupid error in leaving my inbox open on his computer and him finding an email titled “A’s party’ right in front of his face. So although he knew something was going on, he had no idea what and where. We were around 35 in number and I was very pleased that no one breathed a word to him the whole time we were there.

I’m in week 29 of the pregnancy now. I am definitely feeling the weight I have put on this past month or two. Walking is becoming more tiring by the day, and any walk or flight of stairs has started to involve lots of huffing and puffing! Also, the baby is kicking a riot inside my tummy and only rarely do I have a few hours of quiet and peace. And to think that I was secretly worried when I did not start to feel any foetal movement until week 20! It is more than making up for any lost time! However, uncomfortable as it is at times, I love each nudge and kick, and they just make me want the remaining 10+ weeks to fly by more and more!!

I will be returning to The Rock in 3-4 weeks’ time, and this time round it will be an extra-long visit, lasting till the end of August! That gives me this month to start buying baby equipment, clothes and other things I need to find here on our return to England! My list is ready and as from next weekend, the shopping spree should start. My mother is visiting in a fortnights’ time, which should be exciting and fun, so I can’t wait for that! I’ll also be turning 31 this month, which calls for no real celebration as such (where have all the years gone?!), but I intend to make the most of it, before the baby arrives and takes our lives over! I’m imagining finding some ‘me time’ after the baby, is a near-impossible mission!

So there’s a brief run-down on the events of this past fortnight. I have missed catching up on all your blog entries, and look forward to reading up each and every post! In the meantime, have a Happy Thursday, hope you are all well, and blog you all later πŸ˜‰

Jos xxx


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