The Overwhelming List…

I am currently overwhelmed. Tomorrow is the day A and myself start our shopping for the little one. We have not bought one single item yet. Were it left to me alone, we probably would not have any living area left at our place because I would have definitely crammed every corner of this place with baby things. For I am the sort of person who likes to be prepared, maybe a bit too much so, for an eventuality. I love making lists of things I need and having the time to cross off each item slowly and at leisure. As much as I suffer from procrastination, deep down I hate leaving chores till the very last minute. A on the other hand, believes in scaramanzia and in this case, wanted to leave the shopping till the very last possible moment. And since I’m leaving for The Rock at the end of the month, I’d say it’s about time we started off from somewhere. So tomorrow, hopefully, we start.

At the moment I’m making a shopping list. I’ve compiled my own list after going through tens of lists I have found online. It is quite a list I have to say. Some things which I had not thought of are now obvious purchases. So, I am now set on buying the ‘essential’ furniture and nursery items, and will get the other things when their need arises. However I am still overwhelmed. By the selection. By the items needed. Because when the nursery furniture list was ready, I moved on to the washing and cleaning list. Then came the travelling list (which will be very handy when having two parents like A and myself). And after compiling The List, we are now trying to decide which things to buy in duplicate (for The Rock and England) and which items we can do with one only. The same degree of thought goes into buying each and every item – it’s quite like buying a car. You have to choose the colour, design, read the reviews and check out the item’s durability. Testing out the items, where possible, would be ideal. Then again considering the amount of time and thought that went into buying my last car, things should not take this long. But they are because as everyone will tell you, we all want the best. Especially for our children. Even if they’re yet unborn.

The only thing I am not worried about is baby clothing. That will wait till next week when my mother will be arriving here to help me with that department – after all she has been telling me, nay, ordering me, not to buy any clothes before she arrives. And knowing she’s much worse than me when it comes to shopping, it should hopefully be a blast! She has already managed to set up a collection of clothes back on The Rock, despite me telling her not to. But that’s my mother. She is bringing me maternity outfits she bought me from The Rock. Yes. I move to Malta a week after she leaves, but she buys me clothes from there to wear here.


Hopefully we will return from London tomorrow evening with something in our car booth. I am quite eager for this shopping spree because even though the things are not for myself and they will not involve clothing, it is the first real shopping trip I will be embarking on ever since I found out I was pregnant. I have now gotten used to ignoring the normal High Street shops I used to pop in on a nearly daily basis. Nowadays the only shopping I do for myself, are for the essential things I need. Ripping my jeans means getting another pair. Bra not fitting means buying a new one. T-shirts too tight means having to get some in a bigger size. I miss buying clothes because they look nice, because they’re in fashion and because they make me feel good. There was a certain period in the pregnancy where I was over-indulging on shoes and accessories, but that has passed too. My feet can no longer stand my beloved ex-high heels, and wearing long necklaces which bounce off my big tummy do not look as good as they did in my pre-pregnancy days. At the moment it just seems getting by with the essentials. Vanity has been thrown out the window.

So wish me luck. We will either get all the things we need or else return home empty-handed (much to my mother’s pleasure, so she will able to join in the non-clothing shopping next weekend as well). Either way, I want to savour the experience. Selecting patterns and designs. Finding out about products. And as overwhelming as it is for both A and myself, I want us enjoy the experience and take pleasure in selecting the things our baby will need.

Suddenly, the baby seems so so real 🙂


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