Ups, downs and lots of ash!

Mum’s visit to England came to an end yesterday evening. They were a beautiful six days, and I made the most of them as I had promised myself I would. I wanted to be able to spend some time alone with her, take her shopping for baby things with me, and reconnect with her after being absent from her daily life for nearly a year now. And it all went brilliantly well! As expected, we got all the necessary shopping out of the way, mum went a bit overboard with the baby clothing and was constantly force-feeding me every hour – all of which I secretly loved 🙂

Of course after six days of running around and going everywhere it seems, I woke up this morning with a bad back ache, and The Baby seems restless as well. It is moving and shifting position quite violently it seems, pushing on my ribs, pressing down on my bladder (hence the twice-in-an-hour visits to the loo!), has strong bouts of hiccuping and add some Braxton Hicks to the equation, and you get the general picture of what I’m feeling this morning. I have started feeling every kilo I have gained in this pregnancy – walking normally is a tough feat and I end up breathless and needing to lay down. I’m 32 weeks pregnant, and the thought of another 8 weeks of this is quite scary. I can only get bigger and heavier!

I leave for The Rock in six days, during which time I need to pack all the things I will need till the end of August! Mum managed to take the majority of the baby-related clothes and items which we bought, so I will focus on taking my clothes and other summery stuff which I will hopefully wear, or be able to, after The Baby arrives. Although to be quite honest, I am very doubtful as to whether my pre-pregnancy clothes will ever fit my post-baby body! I look in the mirror and do not recognize an inch of myself – “it’s all worth it, it’s all worth it” is my own personal mantra at the moment.

Once again, Iceland is threatening to ruin my planned trip to The Rock, just like last year when the volcanic eruption was just about to cancel my planned to England, but did not manage in the end. This year round, it’s a different volcano, but the consequences seem to be same. Airspace closing and flights being cancelled. Last year I was worrying about still needing to buy wedding things from England, and this year there’s a baby involved! I do not plan on thinking or worrying about it. Lots of things can happen in six days. After all, it will be my ninth and last air flight whilst pregnant – I’m hoping it will all end well xxx

Mum and I relaxing at the Reading Lawn set up in Covent Garden. A wonderful idea - green lawn, deckchairs, and free Penguin books to read while enjoying the sun! (I didn't dare sit on the deckchair for obvious reason....erm, breaking it or being unable to get up!!


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