The First Week!

Seven days after arriving in Malta for the beginning of my summer here on The Rock, I am slowly adjusting to my life here. I am currently staying in my old room, and although it has only been ten months since I vacated it, it seems like a long time ago, and so many things have changed and happened since I left. Whilst I feel familiar with it all, at the same time I have come to realize that it is part of my old life. Counting down the ten days between A’s visits has become my new mantra.

We went for a scan last Monday. I am now 34 weeks pregnant, which means that I only have around forty days left before I finally meet my little one. Baby is unsurprisingly one week ahead length-wise, and till now its’ head is not too big nor small, which would be great were it to remain so until the actual birth! The kicks are still coming regularly, and the scan showed us just how little space it has to move around. I am still gaining weight, though thankfully I have stopped doing so at the alarming rate I was doing up till two months ago (4kg in 4 weeks was my most shocking gain!!)

We have finally chosen our pushchair – we opted for the Bugaboo Bee, since we found it to be the least bulky and lightest of the lot. We have decided to bring it to Malta for the birth, and then try to travel to and fro England with it every time we visit. If it becomes too much, we will buy another one to bring over to The Rock, to use when here.

I have finally bought Ewan the Dream Sheep!! I do not know who is most excited about this – A or myself!! A will be bringing it with him when he visits next week, and I can’t wait to see how it works 🙂

Mum is about to start washing the baby clothes we got. I will start packing my hospital bag soon.

Everything seems so real and close now!


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