36 weeks…

Today is my 36th week of pregnancy, and I officially have four weeks left before the baby makes itself seen and heard. I obviously can have more or less than those four weeks, and if my prayers have anything to do with, the baby will arrive sooner rather than later.

Looking back at the whole pregnancy experience, I can truly say that it was a wonderful experience. I was lucky enough to get through it all without any vomiting or heaving, not even once. I did suffer from awful nausea up until Christmas, but it stopped there. I had an itching period, where I was scratching myself raw on the legs and feet. Luckily enough I have stopped and the skin on those parts of my body have returned to normal. If I want to be a real pain, I can complain about feeling overly uncomfortable and suffering from heartburn every now and then, but truth be told, I do not mind. I know it’s all part of the territory and at 36 weeks pregnant, I should consider myself lucky that those seem to be the only real things I can think of, which I can complain about.

And feeling restless and impatient. Because now I want to meet my baby. Really really bad.

Every mother or expectant mother I have talked to have told me that the last couple of weeks are the longest out of the whole pregnancy. And I now understand them. I am fed up of wearing my limited maternity wardrobe, not being able to put on my shoes, get out of the bath normally, walk a few metres without feeling tired, going out of the house without my mother asking me whether I have my mobile phone on me ‘just in case’ and people looking AND asking me how long I have left, because boy have I grown…

I started packing my hospital bag yesterday and am off to the Bigger Rock tomorrow to buy the last bits and bobs I need. Everything is washed, clean and ready to be used and seeing The Bag just makes me excited/scared about what lays ahead. For this is it! The labour fears I had been harbouring ever since I found out I was pregnant have all but gone away, and now the fear of the unknown is slowly setting in. How do I handle a newborn baby, how will I know what it needs, how do I keep it safe?

So I am now reading and reading. I have bought the Dummies Guide to Baby’s First Year, I am reading newborn books, researching breastfeeding and trying to take in every bit of information I can which will help me in some way or another, to deal with and handle my baby. With all that in hand, I am now counting on and praying for nature and maternal instincts to do the rest.

xxx Jos


3 thoughts on “36 weeks…

  1. I am so excited to meet my new cousin! Don’t worry about anything.. You have plenty of people to help you along the way.

  2. Don’t worry, you’ll learn like everyone else did. Nobody is born a mother. You become one through practice and there’s also instinct which will help you along the way. Just believe in yourself and you’ll be fine. You and A will make fantastic parents. x

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