C’s first appointment!

Cesca had her first doctor’s appointment yesterday morning. Although we had to wait for over an hour in a badly-ventilated, non-air-conditioned waiting room, she was as good as gold, sleeping the whole way through the wait, and only crying when the doctor laid her bare on his examination table. She has gained weight, albeit not a big amount, but just enough according to the doctor. Her reflexes and senses are working perfectly and in short, she is growing up just perfectly!

I realized how things have changed now whilst getting ready for the doctor’s appointment. Whereas before I would have showered and left for the hospital, before being able to do so yesterday, I had to feed C, wash her and ensure I had packed the nappies and wipes just in case she needed a change. Then I had to affix the car-seat, which I have not managed to handle perfectly just yet, and leave. And during the whole waiting at the hospital, I was praying she would not wake up because I have never fed her publicly and was fearing she would start screaming. See, I have a fear, nay a paranoia about screaming babies and how to handle them. However I must be fair and say that C only had one or two short screaming fits in her as yet 12 day life, so I can not complain one small bit. More than the screaming type, she is grumbling type – she lets out several grumbles and noises and lets me know something needs to be changed or cleaned.

Of course, I can’t thank my mother enough. She has enough on her plate as is, however can not say no to anything where C is concerned. Seeing her coo over C and helping me out makes me so happy that I took the decision to have the baby here.

No regrets at all.


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