Cesca’s First PROPER Outing…

After writing the last post, I had to update you all with last night’s activities and Cesca’s behaviour.

She was GREAT!

She spent the day feeding, pooping, burping and sleeping, all on a regular basis and giving me a two hour break each time. I managed to take a small nap, catch up on some reading, A went swimming, and upon his return we gave Cesca her first bath together! I was afraid of handling a wet baby, yet we managed very well for our first time, and am actually looking forward to doing it again tonight. And then at around 7.30pm we started Cranky Hour. For the second day running, at around the same exact time, Cesca started crying and nothing seemed to comfort her. She was using my boob as a dummy, however refused the dummy when I gave it to her. She seemed to settle with some cuddling and walking around. We quickly put her in her crib, and A surprised me by telling me that he had invited some of our friends over for pizza and drinks!

By 9.30pm the food had come, our friends were all cooing over little C, we ate, drinks were shared (I had my treat – a Kinnie!), we saw the fireworks let off from the feast, and they were a lovely couple of hours, where A and myself were a couple again, I had real conversation with adults instead of the baby talk I have somehow been muttering these past two weeks, and Cesca slept the whole way through.

The only hiccup of the evening was A coming out with a bottle of water and a pained look on his face telling me not to be angry at him, but he had accidentally spilled more than half of the expressed milk I had stored in the fridge. It was partially my fault for I must not have secured the lid as I should have, yet I was not going to let that dampen my high spirits. So much so, that by 11pm, C being still asleep, we transferred her onto the Bee, and went outside.

Outside amidst actual people.

We did not go in the crowded areas. But we went out with our friends, and managed a whole hour with them. C was a trooper, she only started getting fussy at around 12.15am, when I gave her the remaining lonely one ounce of expressed milk I had left, but it was enough to pause her screams and rush home with her to continue giving her her feed. Which I did, it put her back to sleep and A and I stayed out on the terrace, him enjoying a beer, me sipping a chilled glass of water. We stayed up till 1.30am, talking, laughing, and being a couple again. I was so grateful for A organizing the little surprise for me, for he had seen my sad state after Friday’s episode. The cherry on the cake was the little not waking up the moment we went to bed, but doing so two hours later.

So, just as so many of you have wisely told me, there is light at the end of the sometimes pitch-black tunnel. I have to remind myself not to expect too much too quickly. And I definitely can not complain with regards C’s behaviour for she is as unfussy as they come, and after all she is only 16 days old. The thing I must learn to do, is ease up at times, not be too worried about her behaviour in public and not fixate on the rare negative episodes we have. So I will be doing that, along with being thankful for everything that surrounds me 🙂

Have a happy Sunday xxx


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