I love you July, I do!

I have always loved the month of July. When I was young girl, it heralded the start of the swimming season. The time when I would join my cousins at the beach and play away for days at end. It meant being able to go out during the week and eating ice-creams every day. As I grew older, July was my first official summer holiday month. Having my birthday in mid-May meant that I always missed celebrating it since it nearly always fell on an exam date. I remember having my Physics O-Level and French Intermediate exams on my birthday! Not exactly the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, is it? So in July, my friends and I discovered Grotta, alcohol (and hangovers), staying out late, and the cheeky episodes which we laugh about now so much.

And then 2002 arrived, and on July 29th I met my soul-mate and love of my life.

In July 2009, the same special person proposed and (of course), I accepted.

On the 3rd of July 2010, we celebrated our love by getting married.

And just on time, our perfect little Cesca arrived on July 1st this year.

So yes, I have always loved July. For various reasons.

The most important being meeting the people I love most in this world.



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