Spot, spot, GO AWAY!!

As a new mum I panic quite easily. I worry and fret over every little thing involving Cesca. I worried when she was sleeping too much upon returning home from the hospital. I worried that she was not feeding enough from my breast milk alone. I worried when her appetite increased and had to introduce formula. I was worried when she spent a week having colic problems. When I was convinced she was not then sleeping enough, I worried too. Her grumbling murmurs had me thinking she was uncomfortable about something, or was coming down with something (I now know it’s just her enjoying making noises). Up until this morning I was worried that she might be suffering from constipation, and even bought new formula for her (which I have decided not to use, and will rely on Bebegel in the meantime).

And living with a new grandmother DOES NOT HELP, worry-wise!!

And now I’m (better still, we’re) worried because of her poor little red face. Fully covered with spots šŸ˜¦

What started off with one spot has, within a couple of days, developed into a full rash. And even though everyone is telling me it’s normal and that it will fade, I can’t stop looking at her once-spot-free face and feel like bursting out in tears.

I visited A’s dad who is Mr. Calm personified and who is the most patient and stress-free person/doctor I have ever met, and as expected he told me not to worry – assuring me it will pass and it will not scar. But for once his reassuring manner has not worked with me, and I will wait until the weekend is over, and should it persist I will visit the child specialist and get his advice on the matter.

Here’s hoping for a ‘clear’ start…

xxx Jos

5 thoughts on “Spot, spot, GO AWAY!!

  1. oh dear. honey, relax!!! being a new mother is stressful enough without you adding on being worried about EVERY little thing too!!! You’ll end up working yourself up into a frenzy šŸ˜¦ Just enjoy her xx

  2. I know Clare, but sometimes I can’t help myself! I’m slowly slowly getting to know her better and understanding her needs more, and we’re all gradually settling down. But these spots make me feel so so sad because I don’t know how I can make them go away!! Hopefully, it’ll soon clear!

  3. it’ll clear before you know it and soon enough you’ll completely forget they were ever there šŸ™‚ i think it’s best to wash her with plain water, no creams or oils as they can make it worse. unfortunately you can’t do much more than that, all babies get it to some extent. big hugs xxxxxxx

  4. i can only confirm what Clare said.both my girls got them and they were horrible but they were gone within a few weeks.they’re completely normal!as Clare said,only use water.and relax!:-)

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