Yes, I’m still here!

So we’re all back together in England again! Having spent three whole months in Malta, returning back here as a trio instead of the usual Ant and myself, was a whole lot difficult and time-consuming than our usual trips, however the journey back was surprisingly uneventful and quite peaceful. Cesca slept from the moment we left Sliema (we spent the night there since the flight was quite early) till the moment we arrived at the airport car park. We didn’t get any angry glances from fellow air-passengers and we are not banned from travelling with Air Malta.


One week after returning here I am still finishing my unpacking. Along with bringing my clothes, C had a whole big luggage dedicated to her and her alone. Who knew a 5+kg child could own so much? We have also moved into a new place, a charming cottage, and along with the unpacking, I am also trying to arrange the place and make it into a proper home. Things are moving very slowly considering that Cesca is with me 24/7, and I have no grandparents here who can babysit her for a couple of hours. And having days like today, where she can not muster more than 15 minutes of sleep every now and then, do not help. I’m deeply grateful for our friends here who are helping me with the shopping and coming to our house helping with the cleaning and ironing. Every little bit of help definitely makes a world of difference!

I miss our old place at The Mews, however I love this place. First of all it’s a proper home and feels as such. Whereas before we had a cute studio flat situated on the uppermost storey of a block of building, we now have a two-storey adorable little cottage, set in a quiet and safe area of Canterbury, just a couple of minutes away from The Mews. I’m now mostly grateful for the storage space we have, and I can now actually put everything back in its’ place, without being bothered by the lack of space.

Finding time to write on the blog has proved beyond difficult. Every time C falls asleep, I rush off for a shower, having something to eat and continuing with the unpacking and tidying up. I can only reminisce about my pre-Cesca days when I had all the time in the world to read, rest and go out. Now I try and fit everything all in when C finally falls asleep.

So today I made it a point to write here. Just to let you all know that we’re all doing great, and somewhat coping well 🙂

xxx Jos


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