Ten Things You May Not Know About Me…

Last week I was tagged by lovely Clare at accidentallykle.com to blog about ten things you may not know about me. I have to say that this was one of the hardest things I have had to write about. I mean, what don’t you know about me? It’s not as if I hold back on my blog when it comes to anything really. So after drafting this entry for three times, I think I have finally found and unearthed ten things about me, which you may not know, which may surprise you or which you can totally agree with me upon.

Number One:

I love languages! I love the accents, the words, the phonetics, the signs and symbols and everything that make up different languages. When I entered into Sixth Form and had to choose the subjects I was to study in order to be able to read Law at University, I was thrilled to learn that Maltese and English at an Advanced Level were a must, and that I could choose another language at Intermediate Level (I chose French). English was my favourite, and the literary side of the subject was heaven for me. I learnt the whole of Macbeth by heart, read and re-read Pride and Prejudice a gazillion times (it is one of my most favourite books ever written), and loved the tone of Philip Larkin’s poems. Reading has always been a strong passion of mine. Now that I currently am on what can be called a career break, I would love to start learning German, by means of the Rosetta Stone course. A is quite mystified as to my choice of language. All I know is that I love the guttural sounds of the language and the long words so typical of German. Now if only time were not a problem…

Number Two:

Erm, I am a vain lady. Yes, I love the materialistic side of life. I love clothes, shoes, bags, make up, accessories, getting my hair done and doing my nails! I tend to overdo it at times, feel as guilty as ever afterwards, bask in self-pity when my bills start arriving, and start re-doing it all over again to make myself feel better! A vicious circle if there ever was one! However nowadays our expenses have increased, so quite sadly I have had to decrease my retail activity. However I married a man who loves shopping himself (when he’s in the right mood), so when he’s in the zone and I’m in need of a boost, it’s a happy day in the Farrugia household. And now we have beautiful Cesca, and the shops are full of beautiful things for little girls…I’m sure you understand!

One bag, two bag, but none too many!

Beautiful things make me feel happy, and improving my appearance any way I can helps with boosting my confidence levels sky-high. At the moment my body is not exactly fashion-friendly (the last 5 kg from the pregnancy just won’t budge off!), so this weekend I’m treating myself to Botox. I have had it done before, I loved it and could not top it up back in November when it was due, since I was pregnant. So today I’m getting injected with poison, and I can’t wait 😉

Number Three:

When I met A, I was actually seeing someone else. Yikes, that makes me sound bad, but honestly it was not done with any cruel intentions! It just happened that a mutual friend introduced us at what was then the wrong time. A couple of phone messages, a difficult decision and a gamble later, we officially became a couple 🙂 Pity that the other person took it rather badly and bad-mouthed me quite a bit, especially since I had not cheated per se. Notwithstanding everything that happened, looking back now, I would redo everything again!

Number Four:

I love July! I have already blogged about this previously, but to sum it up quite briefly the reasons are the following:

– July 29, 2002 – I met A.
– July 2009 _ A proposed.
– July 3, 2010 – We got married.
– July 1, 2011 – Cesca was born.

Enough said 🙂

Number Five:

I have very strange likes and dislikes when it comes to seafood. See, I do not like fish, but I love shellfish. I love tuna fish coming from a tin, but hate fresh tuna. I love fried calamari, but cannot stand it cooked otherwise. I used to love octopus, but can’t eat it now. I will eat pasta with salmon, but will not have salmon any other way. So I stick to prawns, clams, mussels and lobster (you have to love lobster!) and that is basically all the seafood I eat. I know I am missing out on loads of delicious fresly-caught fish, especially in summer in Malta, but there you go.

Number Six:

I love being a mother to Cesca. I have always loved children and they have always taken a liking to myself, so when I found out I was pregnant I was scared at first, but that feeling soon turned to pure happiness. My pregnancy was as smooth as could be, labour was much less traumatic than I had expected (and feared), and meeting Cesca was the most beautiful day of my life. However the first two weeks of Cesca’s life were the most difficult for me. I felt overwhelmed by the huge responsibility that was suddenly placed on me, I felt scared handling her and would go into a panic attack every time she would start crying, especially when we were out in public. I would think of life alone with her in England and start doubting whether I could do it. However it all changed when I talked to another friend about it, and she told me that she had gone through the same thing when her first child was born. I felt relieved that I was not alone, and I understood that having doubts did not make me a bad mother or person. I just needed some time to adjust and start understanding Cesca. Nowadays I spend all day with her and would not change it for a minute. I walk to the centre with her, we have coffee together and visit shops as well. And if she starts crying, it’s not the end of the world. After all, she is but a baby. My special baby.

My wide-eyed cheerful little wonder xxx

Number Seven:

When I was in secondary school, our form-teacher organized a trip for us all to Italy. I remember visiting beautiful places such as San Gimignano and most particularly Pisa. For the wrong reasons…My friends and I dared eachother to steal a postcard from one of the street vendors there. As luck would have it, when my turn came and I took the card, the owner saw me and started shouting at me, yelling for me to replace the card. Fellow class-mates were staring, our form-teacher was shocked (I was not exactly the rebel back in secondary school…nor am I now!), so I let it go and ran like crazy to the awaiting coach. Never ever again did I touch something not belonging to me.

Number Eight:

I love lists. I am totally in my element listing down things to do and then crossing them out when they’re done. My purse is full of lists – shopping lists, phone lists, the whole lot. It helps me feel more organized and rather pleased at the end of the day when I see what I managed to get done during the day. I loved listing errands when I worked as a Notary back in Gozo. The list used to be nearly the same every day (Banks, Public Registry, Land Registry), but crossing out the errands done, was always pleasing and satisfying. Organizing my wedding proved to be the Master Challenge of Lists, but I loved each and every list entry…and eventual crossing off.

Number Nine:

My father’s death was without any doubt, the hardest thing I have had to deal with in my life. It was and is still very hard at times, but I am now in a content place, where even though I miss him like crazy, I have accepted that even though he is not with me physically, he is constantly by my side. As a result of this terrible event, I have somewhat become numb to what would otherwise be considered a horrible thing. When someone dies, my level of sorrow is not as strong as it was before my dad died. I know what the family is feeling yet I somehow feel detached from it all, and always end my thought with “Whatever they’re feeling and going through, we went through the same, if not worse, thing”. When I hear stories of children not talking to parents over a stupidity, I get mad with rage but it soon passes and I just pity the children. For I know what they’re missing out. And I know how bad and terrible they will feel in the long run. But then again after a moment or so, I just feel numb. I guess when something that horrific occurs in your life, the numbing effect is one of the things to happen to you. Amongst other things.

Number Ten:

In connection with my number one, I have to admit that deep down I am quite a nerd. I am the girl who always carries around a big bag to hold the book I would be reading at the time. I take a book with me everywhere – the hairdresser’s, the shops, in the car, even when I go to the loo. My mother tells me that when I was four, one of my favourite pastimes would be sitting on her lap reading out new words from the newspaper! One of my most favourite television programmes here in England, is Countdown. I try and play along with the contestants, but some of them are too darn smart! I could spend hours playing Yahoo! Literati without getting bored. My dream job would be to own and open a bookshop, a Borders-style bookshop, where reading would be part of my job. That might work here in England, but not so in Malta, let alone Gozo. Since having Cesca, reading has been placed on hold and I only read a couple of pages a day when I have the time to. I sincerely miss delving into a book and getting lost for a couple of hours in the imaginative world of literature.

And there you go! I managed to pull out ten things which you may or may not have known about me! Writing this post entailed delving into myself quite a bit and remembering certain episodes which I had forgotten about. But it was a real pleasure doing so so, and hope it’s half as fun to read as it was to write.

Hey guys, I would love to read about Your Ten Things!



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