It wasn’t me, really…

Last Saturday a friend of mine and myself embarked on our weekly visit to TK Maxx to have a look around. We always do the same round – we start off with ladies wear, shoes, bags, and then go upstairs to see the baby section and homeware. Somehow we always manage to buy something, be it a pair of tights, an unnecessary kitchen utensil (I bought two pizza slicers and two peelers already – how many do I honestly need?) or if we’re lucky enough, a good bargain.

This time round I was pressed for time, mainly because I had an afternoon of baking coming up and still needed to pop by the supermarket and buy the ingredients. So we did a quickie round the shop, did not see anything we liked, and just to say I bought something, I got a small tub of Jelly Belly.

Whoever knows me, knows of my diabolical ultra sweet tooth. And that I am married to a dentist. And that I don’t have the best set of teeth out there. Not the best of combinations I have to tell you. However I found myself buying the tub (for us sweeth-toothers really do not have a choice in such matters), put it in my bag and left the shop.

On the way to my friend’s home, I accidentally knocked my open bag off the sea and out flew the Jelly Belly beans. Each and every one of the 36 flavours in the tub scattered all over the car floor. All over A’s car’s floor.

We frantically got out of the car and started picking up each one that we could find. It took us all of ten minutes to gather them all. They’re small little buggers who managed to fit into each nook and cranny and I was swearing with each one I was picking up. We were finally happy with cleaning the car, and I left for home.

That evening we went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We’re all dressed up, ready to go, we get in the car, and I see one pink Jelly Belly on A’s driving side. As luck would have it, he saw it, picked it up and threw it out. Then looked at me, smiled knowingly and started driving.

That evening, before going to bed, he reminded me to wash my teeth, “what, with all the sweets you might have had today”…



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