A Weekend of Change!

Last weekend we were back on The Rock. Cesca was awake for the beginning of the flight to Malta, but managed to sleep after finding a comfortable position for her – very hard on board a plane, considering she sleeps in a spread eagled manner involving lots of stretching and moving till she falls asleep. However she behaved, and we managed to catch the 1.50am ferry just in time – something I was fearing since we had a 30 minute delay and we only got out of the airport at 1.15am. But Gabriel, our taxi driver, got us to the ferry just in time. Thank God for that.

On Friday I had an appointment with my faithful hairdresser Lara to redo my roots – something I had not done since before C was born, which means that my hair was not a pretty sight. Three months of brown roots leading on to blonde highlights with the odd white hair making an unwelcoming appearance…yikes! But Friday’s visit to have my roots done turned into quite an experience…a five-hour experience which ended up with me having a colour not previously anticipated.

For I had fallen in love with Adele’s hair colour. I had always wanted to go for the copper/reddish look, but courage always lacked. For years I have gone to the hairdressers, determined that That Day would be the day I would go red, but I always ended up with blonde highlights or, when I was feeling a bit more risky, I’d go for a dark brown toner. But last Friday I was all set ready to go red.

So for the first time in my life I coloured the whole of my head. Four tubs of red dye (a ‘normal’ person uses one to two tubs of hair dye. My massive volume of hair used up four) and 45 minutes later, I ended up with a disaster. The front part of my hair and the roots of the rest had turned into a pinkish-red tint, while the remainder of my hair was still brown with blonde lights. I was actually going to be sick right there and then. I was sweating and felt like crying, and panic rose like nothing else before! My hairdresser noticed my rising level of panic and suggested a brownish toner mixed with an ash colour to remove the horrible redness. But 25 minutes later the hairdesser gave me a worried look and told me ‘The front part is still red’. So a rinse and wash later, I had another toner put in. This time dark brown only. At this point I was praying and hoping for a miracle. All I wanted was an even colour from tip to end. I was not even picky about the colour – anything would do!

To my relief, the colour stuck and I now my hair is a dark brown with reddish tones. After five hours sitting down on the same chair, apart from my frequent visits to the basin, and four hair washes, I now have an even hair colour from tip to end. I had a Nanokeratin hair treatment booked in for Saturday morning, and considering the big hassle my hair had undergone on Friday, it could not have come at a better time! The treatment basically removes the frizziness from your hair, and for me here in England, that is simply ideal. I have become a wash-and-go gal, and only when A is babysitting C that I can afford to spend the two hours it takes me to blowdry my hair. I have to wait four days before washing my hair, so I’m eagerly waiting the first wash to see the results! I’ll keep you updated…

The climax of the whole weekend was C’s baptism. We held the ceremony at a small and secluded church in Gozo, and it was attended by close family. C slept for the first half of the ceremony and then woke up looking for her ‘bicca’. The ‘bicca’ is slowly slowly becoming her best friend, and I have to have it ready at hand whenever she wants it. She did cry a bit when the priest wet her head, but was soon asleep again. Surprisingly enough she managed to keep her bonnet on during the ceremony, though being slightly big, it kept slipping over her eyes.

Overall she was a real gem xxx

Little Miss Bonnet πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “A Weekend of Change!

  1. I have to be fair on the hairdresser and say that she told me there was a risk of the colour not fully taking, but I had no idea it would end up as it did! Thanks so much dear xxx

  2. Thanks Mau and Clare!

    I just washed my hair and went out with it dripping wet. Not only did it dry straighter than usual but it has no frizz!! Hallelulah πŸ™‚

  3. Yes Al, it was partly my fault – I was being a hard-headed mule as usual. But I swear, I’ve learnt my lesson now, and will never EVER start to even think of going red again.

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