Summertime Dreaming…wait! It’s only October!

I yearn for a holiday. A proper grown-up holiday, just A and myself. Not that I wouldn’t miss Cesca, because believe me, I would. It’s just that having some time for us both only would be a dream, since nowadays both our lives (especially mine) revolve around the little one.

We both love travelling and have had some lovely holidays. We have visited places we both loved (Sicily and Barcelona),

Breakfasting in Sicily...

cities we swore we’d probably never visit again (Athens),

Crazy Athens!

places which were absolutely beautiful (Paris)and other cities which hold a special meaning for us (London being one of them). And then there was my dream holiday to New Zealand which was the most spectacular holiday ever.

Picture Perfect 😉

Our last holiday was celebrating the beginning of 2011 in Bologna. Absolutely lovely, especially the culinary aspect of it all. However not suggested if you’re in your first trimester of a pregnancy which was full of nausea (without any relief) and feeling exhausted All The Time. And of course, not being able to participate in the opening and drinking of a good bottle of wine.

I actually look semi-normal considering everything!

Most relevant, considering wine was the one thing I absolutely missed having during pregnancy.

We visit The Rock every month, but for me that is not a real holiday. It’s just a trip to meet family and friends. I travelled all through the pregnancy, up to the 33rd week and all was well. With Cesca, flying is more hectic (for me probably), although I must thank my lucky stars that she is a real trooper when it comes to flying. I think I can safely recommend flying to every pregnant mother-to-be.

So A and myself are looking into next summer’s holidays. We have all but organized a trip to Santorini with our friends, two of whom hail from Greece and have shown us the most beautiful pictures of that place. The white villas, blue skies and seas…aaahhh. And we would love, just LOVE, to return to Sicily for a weekend. C will be old enough to leave with her grandparents, and I feel that I do deserve a break. As much as I love being with her constantly, I am sure she would understand mummy and daddy having some time together on their own.

It’s still October and summer is a long way off. But the thought of vacationing puts a smile on my face.

And is something bright and shiny to think about when the cold winter sets in here in England.

Blue skies, blue seas and white sand. What's not to love?


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