You know your life’s a-changing when…

You know your life’s changed when:

– You bypass the female section of a clothes shop and head straight to the baby section.
– And you realize that you haven’t bought an item for yourself in weeks.
– The highlight of your week is a mother-baby class meeting!
– You feel guilty of having a glass of wine when going out or meeting up with friends, even if you’re not breastfeeding, because all you can think about is the 5.30am feed coming up…
– Invention becomes your middle name. Who knew you could make up nursery rhymes with everyday sentences, to the tune of “Old McDonald had a farm”…
– You do a celebratory dance every time your baby poops without crying.
– Going out means thinking and preparing way in advance. Every contingency must be thought of and planned…just in case.
– Your hands start itching to take the baby off your partner while he feeds/changes her…just because you think you can do a better job!
– Spending 24 hours a day with your baby sometimes does not feel as long as it does on other days.
– You ditch day-time TV for Baby Einstein DVD’s…and press the Repeat icon time and time again.
– Washing your hair is one massive feat in time management.
– You can go days without a scrap of makeup on.
– For the first time ever, you are tempted to buy something out of the Ready Meals section at your local M&S. Though I still haven’t succumbed to that.
– You enjoy playing with your 3-month old baby’s toys! Yikes!!
– Your mind already wanders off to what you will dress your daughter to a family wedding. Next summer.
– You somehow manage to wake up exactly when your baby does for the night feed. Mother’s intuition, I guess.
– As a not-so-keen fan of ironing, you find yourself ironing baby’s little tees and jeans. Whilst leaving your clothes a wrinkling mess.
– You realize that as much as you love reading, finishing a book no longer takes hours. But weeks.
– Not minding that baby ends up bringing milk up on your favourite top or new-ish jeans.
– The highlight of your day is your baby giving you a gummy, teethless smile and lets out a cough instead of a laugh 🙂


3 thoughts on “You know your life’s a-changing when…

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