The Curse that is Technology…

At the moment, Cesca is in a discovering phase. Everything fascinates her and keeping up with all that goes around her sometimes proves difficult. Lights enthrall her and sounds (the louder the better) keep her amused. She sits still on my lap looking at me while I talk to someone else and I see her small lips trying to form words. This past month she has discovered the power of screaming. And she puts her voice to the test in the places I pray she keeps quiet – on board a plane flight and after her 5am feed. A has felt a tooth about to pop out, and she drooling like crazy, putting her whole fist (and mine too sometimes) in her mouth. She loves me talking to her, she loves her light-and-sound toys and can’t get enough of her Baby Einstein DVDs.

Too much so in fact.

I know too much television is not good for babies. Googling the topic brings about hoards upon hoards of studies, reports and opinions which all seem to say the same thing – the least TV young ones watch, the better.

But what do I do with a baby like Cesca, who does not simply like TV, she absolutely adores it! In fact, add to that any lighting device which emits sounds. So we’re basically including our computer, laptop and phones. This week she even extended her hands outwards to touch the iPad! She hears the Skype ringtone and looks expectantly at the screen waiting to see who will pop up to talk to her.

I am not happy with this situation, at all. I am actually quite scared to see how fascinated she is with all this technology. But the thing is, other toys do not interest her one bit. I hand her dolls, rattles, books, lay her on her play-mat, try to encourage her playing, but all she does is look at them for a couple of minutes and throws them aside. And then she cries. Since she only naps for 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes at a time, I end up putting on her Baby Einstein DVDs and she is silenced in a second. She can watch them time and time again, she laughs with them, she coos, she puts her hands out and loves the puppets. It is the only way I can find time to shower, cook, clean the house and get ready to go out. Sure, we read, we have tummy-time, she plays on my lap and I talk and sing to her constantly like a nut-head, but she is not even remotely interested in playing. It’s as if normal toys bore her.

I’m not giving up because I know repetition is important, but it does not seem to be working till now. I talked about this to my Health Visitor who told me not to worry at all. But it still irks me that I can’t leave her laying on her mat, surrounded by toys and not hear her cry.

So I always resort to TV. And I’m not happy about it.


3 thoughts on “The Curse that is Technology…

  1. Alas, she’s a child of this generation. I’ve come to accept this about Emily (you may as well be describing her as well as Cesca lol). There’s no avoiding it. Ultimately the way I see it is that the more of an issue we make it, the more they’ll be driven towards it. It’s everywhere they turn.

    Instead, try and introduce a healthy dose of other things. You’ve already said you read books to her and sing etc. Take her out for walks and introduce her to things, talk to her about everything you do, let her watch you do things around the house. Maybe try and limit the amount of time the TV is on, create a routine around it (eg Emily watches Waybuloo before bedtime, it’s our special quiet cuddle time). She’ll be glued to the TV any other time it’s on too, so I try and keep it to a minimum.

    She needs to learn to entertain herself – however, I seem to recall that around Cesca’s age Emily had also started crying whenever I left the room. It’s a developmental stage where they begin to realise you’re not one person, but two separate people. She also doesn’t know that beyond the room she’s in, there are other rooms that you may be in. To her, when you walk out of sight means you’ve disappeared and she doesn’t know whether you’ll come back so she panics. Ride it out, it’ll get easier. xxx

    • As long as I’m there next to her, she can look at and touch the toys (I don’t know if I’d call it ‘playing’ exactly!) But like Robin, when I try and sneak away, the screams start! Yes Mau, we have a date 😉

      I know Clare, there’s no escaping this tech-world we live in! I have to admit that I always have the TV on, and am nearly always in front of a computer, but that is slowly changing for C’s sake.

      Thanks ladies xxx

  2. I am actually a little jealous…Robin ignores the TV, even when (like today) I’m desperate for 5 minutes to shower and I plonk her in front of it practically forcing her to look at it. She does play with toys but gets frustrated very quickly, resorting to screeching so then I have to pick her up to calm her down. I find the only way she really enjoys playing with her toys is when I lie down next to her and play with her but that’s not always possible. I wouldn’t worry too much. Keep trying with the playing and keep the TV switched off if she’s not watching it but I think it’s only a matter of time before she discovers toys can be fun too. When you’re over we’ll have them meet for a play date. 😀

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