An Online Mistake

Last week I ordered some clothes from an online shop. Nothing special in that, I know. But the thing is that these clothes were not delivered to me, but were delivered to another house down the road from where we live.

It seems that the online shop entered my delivery details wrong – stupidly omitting the name of our complex, so I never got my parcel, and the house who got my delivery, signed for it and now holds my goods.

I have contacted the shop who told me that they shipped to the address I gave them (absolutely untrue, since my card payment went through, and it certainly wouldn’t have if I had given them a wrong address now, would it?!) I have already gone twice to the house in question to try and explain to them the mix-up that happened. Once, no one was home and yesterday their teenage son answered the door and told me to come back today because he had no knowledge of any parcel.

So I’m going to pop by the house AGAIN. I hope the person who signed for the package will understand the mix-up that occurred and not be a pain in the a** about it. I’ve printed the purchase order, the tracking time-table, the proof of payment and the shop’s incorrect shipping details. In other words, I’m prepared.

In the meantime, I’m off to write another harsh email to the shop…

I don’t know, but shouldn’t delivery men ask for some sort of identification when delivering packages to houses? You can’t collect pre-ordered things from a store here without showing identification, so why doesn’t the same thing apply to online purchases?

Just asking.

Just a small update – So I got a refund for everything spent on the website, plus a 15% discount off my next shopping order. But I’m still without the goods 😦 I might continue knocking on the neighbour’s door though…watch this space!

3 thoughts on “An Online Mistake

  1. With the thousands of parcels delivered every day, can you imagine how much more time it would all take if postmen had to stop to check ID as well? Not to mention that the person a parcel is addressed to is not always in… It poses all sorts of problems. When you go to a shop you could be anyone so your name/confirmation letter is the only proof they can ask for. An address, you would assume, is correct!

    PS Credit card payments go through whether or not the address is precise. I have an additional line that I sometimes add to our address. With or without it, payments always go through, never made a difference.

    Hope you get the parcel back easily!!

    • You would assume the address is correct, right? But what about in this case, where I gave them the correct address and they left out the name, and since both residences have the same post code, assumed them to be one and the same?! And they’re still claiming so!! I may get a refund back from the store, but everytime I pass that house, I get really pissed off, knowing they have my things!! Especially since today, when I tried AGAIN, they didn’t answer. I think they’re playing hide and seek with me…I may resort to writing them a letter and posting it in their letter-box. Or I will keep knocking on their door till they open. Or both. Dr. Josepha Farrugia


  2. aw babe, what i would suggest doing is to call your bank and raise a dispute. if youre with hsbc call 08457 404 404.. it’ll get you through to where i work and we can transfer you over to our disputes team. they’re open between 8am-5pm. hope it gets resolved quick.. xx

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