And then it’s Sunday…

And before you know it, it’s Sunday. The week does fly by quickly, but so does the weekend. We had a cold and wet weekend here in Canterbury. We were expecting snow today, but an updated weather forecast has now moved snow till next week. We’ll see about that. At least we’ve had a milder winter than last year, when by December snow had already covered the whole of England, and chaos was everywhere. I guess Cesca will have to wait to build her snowmen and snow-fairies till next winter…

With this weather, what better excuse for a hot chocolate or a coffee? I know I've been indulging!

So our weekend? Friday we tried out Indian for the very first time (and the very last time…) To each his own but it wasn’t to our liking. The terrible heartburn A got afterwards and the waking up hourly during the night to drink water did not help. And waking up the following morning stinking of spices is not the greatest thing to wake up to.

Yesterday evening we watched Horrible Bosses. A friend of ours recommended it (another dentist – you’ll understand why if you’ve watched the movie). It was a good laugh and you get to see a very different Colin Ferrel and Jennifer Aniston. As for Jennifer Aniston – very very different!

If you think you’ve got it bad at work, think again. These guys just might beat you at that!

Here’s the trailer. Watch if you have the chance.


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