Highlights – January 2012

Think back this past month. What is the one image, that one phrase or one moment which sticks out? What put a smile on your face, what made you think? We all have that one highlight, that one instance which we remember more vividly than others.

It’s just a question of finding it.

January's highlight for me was our trip to Bruges. It was our first real holiday in a year, and although short, it was perfect. We over-indulged in chocolate, we experienced manoevering around the city in a push-chair (particularly hard considering Bruges' streets are all cobblestones) and we remembered how much fun travelling is!

Tell me yours 😉


6 thoughts on “Highlights – January 2012

  1. Definitely booking my flight to Prague! It’s the place of been dreaming of going to for over 10 years and I’ll finally be going there at the end of March! Soooooooo excited!

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