Monday mornings…

You bathe and change your little baby. She’s smelling heavenly. Two minutes later you place her on her high-chair to prepare her cereal. You come back to a stinking baby. Yep, she’s pooped.

You wash the parquet floor, it looks shiny and clean. You go outside to get something from the car, come in and forget to take off your shoes. Oh and it’s raining outside.

You’re happy the baby’s no longer bringing up milk as before. Suddenly, her newfound hobby seems to be placing her fingers all the way down her throat. Thus bringing up her milk.

And it’s not even noon yet.


3 thoughts on “Monday mornings…

  1. i finally discovered your blog!! put a smile on my face! Having had our babies just a few hours apart, we share a lot of stories like this one! Keep writing… makes me feel like there’s someone sharing my boat! big hug to princess C from captain N!! 🙂

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