Colours, Noise and Floats. Yes, Carnival.

I never really liked Carnival. Living in Gozo, Carnival is a quasi-mandatory holiday to celebrate. You HAVE to go Nadur. Proclaiming your dislike of Carnival sets you out as the Social Pariah. So you give in and you go. First of all parking is a nightmare. Then you get there and you move with the crowd – you don’t walk, you just let yourself go with the flow. You get pushed, poked, and God knows what else. And there’s my favourite part (said with irony..) You always have people come up to you, talking in sign-language and making you stupidly guess who they are – “Do I know you?” – Nod. “Were we at school together?” – Nod. “Are we friends?” – Shaking of Head. You try to leave but they grab your hand to continue the enlightening conversation. This one-sided talk always takes place in Nadur – between a man in drag wearing a Scream mask and a normally-dressed human being. And if you really bother him/her in not guessing their identity, you can very easily get covered in water/powder/animal carcasses. Or have a bunch of Saddam Husseins and Obamas chasing you the whole night.

So I went. I remember going to Nadur twice. On one occasion my friends and I dressed up in boiler-suits and wore plastic masks. What I vividly remember is waking up the day after with itchy skin and spots over my face. I never wore a mask ever again. I went again with A, we met up with some friends for a couple of drinks which proved impossible to get due to the hordes of people there, and driving back home from Nadur, a maniac driver going there nearly killed us and another car driving behind us. So that closed my Carnival-celebrating days. Yes, we went to a one dressing-up party but that was more an excuse to do something different than actually celebrating Carnival.

And now A and myself have actually, purposefully planned a holiday to Gozo for Carnival! We haven’t been on the island during Carnival-time in years, always making it a point to be absent. But this year round we have Cesca. And as much as I dislike it, I have to admit that the dressing up in costumes, playing silly tunes and watching uncoordinated dances is thrilling for children. So yes, I am planning to go out during Carnival with C in tow, and ‘celebrate’ Carnival with her. Knowing C as I now do, I know that the loud music and colourful outfits and floats with definitely grab her attention. She might even join in with the singing…screaming, whatever.

I’m now looking at Carnival costumes for her. The choice is endless of course. You can dress up your child any way you want. Animals, Disney characters, food, inanimate objects, everything. Take a look at this site I found yesterday – the name gives you an idea of what costumes it sells – Ridiculous Baby Costumes.

And the ones that stood out for me?

Well this might actually work if C has her feet restrained...

Even the baby looks sad in this one...

Yo, thugz in da hood. Word...

And my absolute favourite?

I don't think the gelled-back hair is included. The pelvic moves might though. Who knows?


13 thoughts on “Colours, Noise and Floats. Yes, Carnival.

  1. i truely hate it too! A time for our small island to be loud and ugly.. i prefer to hibernate in the house rather than visiting nadur on a saturday night!

  2. This year would be extra special though!!! Do not forget that all the main roads to Victoria are already decorated with all sorts of construction vehicles on the island, together with loads of jersey/concrete barriers and one way signs that change their places over night. So I am afraid that instead of having a Grand Defile of Carnival floats and grotesque masks we will have a Street Parade of mud filthy cars and exasperated drivers called TRAFFIC JAM!!

  3. I LOVE the Nadur Carnival, but I have to agree with you about Saturday night. The maltese people have taken over Saturday night and they have no idea what Carnival is all about. Its jam packed and there’s no room to move or even see anyone you know. But, other than that i really love the Nadur Carnival. Its a time of year when you get to see so many different and creative costumes, you can be somebody else for those 5days a year. I guess growing up in New York, the Nadur Carnival reminds me of Halloween, lots of good memories 🙂

    • Now Halloween I loved when I was younger! Like you said, growing up abroad gave me an opportunity to experience it as it ‘should’ be and I still have fond memories of trick and treating! But Carnival in Gozo, during the weekend, seems to have spiralled out of control and for me, it’s just another excuse for a ‘ziblata’ (excuse my French)!

  4. Most Gozitans I speak to hate carnival. I don’t blame them though, all those rowdy people crossing over to be loud and stuff. I just cannot do it anymore. When it is carnival time I avoid Gozo like the plague.

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