The Must-See TV List for any 7-Month Old Baby reading this…

The Seven Month Old Baby’s Essential TV Guide:

  • She loves, adores and is totally in awe of Charlie and the Numbers Party. When the opening tune starts playing, she stops whatever she’s doing, starts grinning and waving her hands about in excitement!  Her favourites? Numbers 7 and 8.

(Sorry for the poor quality of the video, but that’s the only one I could find online!)

  • Her eyes light up when Grandpa’s Gallery starts. She particularly loves the grandson’s squeals of excitement when he finds his grandpa who always hides in the gallery. I am particularly impressed with grandpa’s art collection!
  • She loves Mr. Squirrel in Babyhood. I have to say he’s one cute squirrel 🙂

Her absolute favourite, which sees her frozen in a spot unable to take her eyes off the screen, is a youtube video her Aunt Ver found for her during the Christmas holidays. To this day, it is able to stop her crying, stop her legs from kicking and that’s not an easy feat. Please bear with me – it’s not the most interesting video in the world. But it works miracles!! Of the 24 million youtube views, I can safely say we have a thousand or so in there!

  • Other favourites – Hippa Hippa Hey, Kenny & Goorie and of course Pitch and Potch and the Sound Machine.
  • Her dislikes – the animal videos they sometimes show in between her favourite shows. She starts screaming and yelling for them to stop and will immediately do so once they do.


A couple of months back, I was despairing over C’s love/obsession of all things that emit sounds/motion, especially television.

I have now learnt that not only does she like the above-mentioned programmes, but she thoroughly enjoys them. So I now try and limit her TV time. We ‘read’ books – meaning I read and she tries to rip the pages off the book, but it still counts as reading, right? We play with her toys, including her favourites – the Baby Einstein Takeaway Tunes, and her beloved eggs – the Hide and Squeak Eggs. She jumps on her Jumperoo like there’s no tomorrow, and loves throwing toys from her high-chair so that poor mummy can pick them up and she’ll have more to throw AGAIN.

Basically, if you can’t beat them, join them.


2 thoughts on “The Must-See TV List for any 7-Month Old Baby reading this…

  1. Noah has the same reaction to Small Potatoes! I even have it as my ring tone! kif spiccajna 🙂

    The thing is, Sav and I love them too! So cute!

  2. Lol I will show this to Cesca – maybe we’ll have another new member in our Love-list! I have to say I love Charlie too, but haven’t set him as my ringtone yet heh 🙂
    Yes Chris, my daytime TV has gone out the window!

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