One Busy Stork!

My friends have been keeping me busy. The past three years, we’ve had so many of our friends tying the knot, we’ve even had two occasions when we had two weddings together on the same day. Some couples had been dating for ages, others got married after a whirlwind romance and others were an obvious choice to everyone except themselves.

And now said friends, and lots of others, are popping. Popping babies I mean. Last year, many of my friends and acquaintances had babies, and it seems 2012 is not going to be different. Some of my friends have already had their little ones (two to date so far this year) and others are expecting, and some have just started announcing it! I’m super-excited for the ones who’ve just announced they’re pregnant – maybe because I loved mine so much.

2011’s Gozitan poppers produced little Carla, Emma, Giulia, Kimberley, Robin, Katya Marie, Jean, Nina, Karolin, Martina and Lauren.

We then had the American-born Gozitans (I am allowed to call them that, hux?) Lucas and Noah – cousins at that, with little Noah born a couple of hours before C – and both had the same due date! And pretty little Anaya and Natalie, C’s American second cousins!

Fellow English ladies, Miss Emily was born early on in January last year, making her already one year old, and Little Isla came a couple of months after C!

2012 has already welcomed little Giorgio and gorgeous Ela – both mummies are amongst my oldest friends. And I have more to wait for! Two of my dearest friends are expecting – one in a couple of weeks and the other has a couple of months to go! Add a sweet cousin as well expecting her first-born, and yes, I can’t wait!!

The nicest thing in the world would be C befriending my friends’ children šŸ™‚

If any baby was forgotten, please excuse my forgetful mummy brain!!


6 thoughts on “One Busy Stork!

  1. I know what you mean! Three of my closest friends are expecting within weeks of each other come April/May! So exciting! I think it’s just that we’ve reached that stage now. I remember when there were what seemed like hundreds of 21st birthday party invitations flying around. Then graduations. Then engagements. Then weddings (still ongoing, true). And now babies!

  2. just read your post today… last week i was just thinking that… so many friends of mine had their babies in 2011 and as you well said, 2012 will be no different… Jos, when is our next ‘popping’ going to be? šŸ™‚ wouldn’t it be funny if we had to fall pregnant at the same time again! xx

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