The Happiness Project – What Makes You Happy?

I have just come across Kate’s post, tackling the question,

What makes you happy?

C is too young for me to ask her that question. Hopefully one day I will, and I’ll be part of her answer. In the meantime, I’ll ask myself that question. What made/makes me happy?

When I was a child, my answer would be simple. Ice-cream, a new Barbie, school holidays, riding my bike, watching Sesame Street and playing with my friends. And my parents, who were my one and only source of pure happiness.

Sesame Street

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

As a teenager, my priorities obviously changed. Happiness was discovering the newfound freedom secondary school gave you. Happiness was meeting up with your school-mates on a Monday morning and discussing each other’s weekend antics (so to say). Happiness was buying the latest issue of Shout magazine and cutting out Mark Owen pictures to stick on your desk. Happiness, in a naughty way, was discovering the other sex, and realizing that deceiving your parents was evil, but fun.

When at University, happiness took the form of liberty. Of freedom. Of moving to another island, away from all that was familiar and finding your own feet. I suddenly realized what fun it was to live with your best friend for the university years,  go out together and spend countless hours gossiping together. Happiness then was knowing that the world did not have to be limited to the familiar. The unknown was scary yes, but fun too.

Meeting A was an unexpected but obviously happy episode. Looking back, I smile at the circumstances that surrounded our first date. I remember being happy and as giddy as a school girl at the thought, constantly checking my mobile phone for new messages. Happiness was the butterfly sensation I’d get in my tummy just before I’d meet A and knowing that he was different. Happiness was discovering the pillar of strength he was during difficult times. Happiness was accepting his marriage proposal and setting out on our married life in July 2010.

The following July delivered the ultimate source of my happiness. The little bundle of joy that lights up my days and makes every problem disappear. This little being gave me a wonderful pregnancy, and with her in my life, all is perfect. Happiness was watching the first pregnancy stick giving me the positive sign, watching my tummy grow with every passing day and feeling her kicking inside me. Nowadays, happiness is watching her whole face light up when she sees me, when she hears my out-of-tune singing and crazy gestures. Happiness is my total fascination with everything she does and with watching her discovering the whole world. Happiness is knowing that A and myself are her total world, as she is to us.

Today happiness is finding the time to be A’s partner and having our ‘couple time’, enjoying my daughter’s journey in discovering everything that is still so new to her, enjoying time with my family, having a coffee with good friends, finding a good book, writing here and having wonderful followers, and of course, shopping.  I am only human.

One day happiness will be fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans 😉

You can’t be happy all the time – life deals us some horrible blows at times. The important thing is learning how to overcome these problems, and not to forget that life is too short to be anything but happy.

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