That Time Again :)

Like I posted on my Facebook profile yesterday evening, Valentine’s Day (rather Evening) was a cosy affair at our place. No, I still don’t believe in the concept of the day and I still think it’s just another grab-the-consumer-by-their-wallet day, but somehow I still tried and made a small effort for A. So while I did not cook the whole three-course meal like last year, I tidied the place up from C’s toys as best as I could, prepared the table with a glass of wine and some nibbles for starters, and actually got round to writing the card I bought him and give it to him. I did not bake anything though – it would all have gone to waste since we leave for Malta tonight. So instead he got 2 prepared Limoncello Pannacotta from M&S – mine ended up being gobbled down by C. This girl sure loves her (and my) food! And I got a rose as well 🙂

In six hours we leave for the airport and I still haven’t packed. I’ve been doing this for so long, yet ever since C was born, it takes up so much more time. The older she gets, the more things I have to prepare. Two bottles of milk, diapers and a change of clothes used to suffice. I now have to add a chopped apple (the newest addition to her food intake and she loves chewing on it!), toys, a fully-charged iPad with some of her Baby TV programmes and some fruit biscuits which always keeps her quiet for a few minutes. I’m hoping for an empty seat to place her on. So fingers crossed for that. And God willing, no ugly travelling epidodes like last time

Someone's excited to be seeing her nanniet soon!

I probably won’t be here again till next Tuesday since I barely have time to check the internet whilst in Malta. Time there passes by too quickly and I never manage to do everything I originally set out to do. C is still without her carnival costume. I didn’t find what I wanted so I gave up. Who knows, I might actually find something from Gozo? I plan on having my hair coloured and done – my hairdresser and I are on the Lighten-it-Up Mission. Deadline – Summer 2012. Not an easy task when I’ve been darkening it up since October 2010. And I definitely, MUST, indulge in some pampering. Some grooming. Before C was born, I did my hair twice a week, it was always straight and sleek and I’d always put on some make-up even when staying in. Nowadays I’m grateful for the shower I manage to take everyday. So now the appointments are set. And written down. It’s so easy of me nowadays to forget to do something I really wanted to do. Mummy-brains?

Have a good weekend, keep safe, and until next week my friends.




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